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  1. Automated False Alarm Reduction in a Real-Life Intensive Care Setting Using Motion Detection 

    Muroi, Carl; Meier, Sando; De Luca, Valeria; et al. (2019)
    Neurocritical Care
    Background: Contemporary monitoring systems are sensitive to motion artifacts and cause an excess of false alarms. This results in alarm fatigue and hazardous alarm desensitization. To reduce the number of false alarms, we developed and validated a novel algorithm to classify alarms, based on automatic motion detection in videos. Methods: We considered alarms generated by the following continuously measured parameters: arterial oxygen ...
    Journal Article
  2. Are respiratory rate counters really so bad? Throwing the baby out with the bath water 

    Ansermino, J Mark; Dunsmuir, Dustin; Karlen, Walter; et al. (2019)
    Other Journal Item
  3. CXPlain: Causal Explanations for Model Interpretation under Uncertainty 

    Schwab, Patrick; Karlen, Walter (2019)
    Feature importance estimates that inform users about the degree to which given inputs influence the output of a predictive model are crucial for understanding, validating, and interpreting machine-learning models. However, providing fast and accurate estimates of feature importance for high-dimensional data, and quantifying the uncertainty of such estimates remain open challenges. Here, we frame the task of providing explanations for the ...
    Conference Paper
  4. A self-assembling amphiphilic peptide nanoparticle for the efficient entrapment of DNA cargoes up to 100 nucleotides in length 

    Tarvirdipour S.; Schoenenberger C.; Benenson Y.; et al. (2020)
    Soft Matter
    Journal Article
  5. Betweenness-accessibility: Estimating impacts of accessibility on networks 

    Sarlas, Georgios; Páez, Antonio; Axhausen, Kay W. (2020)
    Journal of Transport Geography
    Journal Article

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