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Activation of Web of Science and Scopus imports

From now on, new journal and conference contributions are imported automatically from Scopus and Web of Science to the Research Collection if at least one author from ETH Zurich has contributed to the publication. Please note that you still need to add your organizational code to these items in order for them to appear in your academic report or on your website. Read more

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New information by the SNSF on Data Management Plans (DMP) and Open Research Data (ORD)

As of October, data management plans are mandatory for each new project funding application submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Aufgelöste unstrukturierte Blockrampen, Praxisanleitung zur Dimensionierung - Kurzfassung 

    Tamagni, Simona; Weitbrecht, Volker; Boes, Robert Michael (2017)
    Wasser, Energie, Luft
    Journal Article
  2. Near-Threshold RISC-V core with DSP extensions for scalable IoT endpoint devices 

    Pullini A.; Gautschi M.; Flamand E.; et al. (2017)
    IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems
    Journal Article
  3. Stochastic modeling of imperfect markets 

    Egging R.; Baltensperger T. (2017)
    Stochastic Programming: Theory, Applications and Impacts
    Book Chapter
  4. Copy number variation analysis based on gold magnetic nanoparticles and fluorescence multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification 

    Yang H.; Jin L.; Zeng Y.; et al. (2017)
    Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
    Journal Article
  5. Temporal differences in plant growth and root exudation of two Brachiaria grasses in response to low phosphorus supply 

    Louw-Gaume A.; Rao I.; Frossard E.; et al. (2017)
    Tropical Grasslands - Forrajes Tropicales
    Journal Article

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