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Recently Added 

  1. Selective dating of paint components 

    Hendriks, Laura; Hajdas, Irka; Ferreira, Ester S.B.; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article
  2. Reassessment of the influence of carrier gases He and Ar on signal intensities in 193 nm excimer LA-ICP-MS analysis 

    Luo, Tao; Hu, Zhaochu; Zhang, Wen; et al. (2018)
    Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry
    Journal Article
  3. Overcoming challenges in variant calling: exploring sequence diversity in candidate genes for plant development in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) 

    Veeckman, Elisabeth; Van Glabeke, Sabine; Haegeman, Annelies; et al. (2018)
    DNA Research
    Journal Article
  4. Political Regime-Related Country Rankings 

    Badalyan, Lusine; de Cordier, Bruno; Guliyev, Farid; et al. (2018)
    Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD)
    Journal Issue
  5. Schnee und Lawinen in den Schweizer Alpen. Winter 2004/05 

    Pielmeier, Christine; Aebi, Monique; Schweizer, Jürg (2007)
    Schnee und Lawinen in den Schweizer Alpen: hydrologisches Jahr ...

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