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New negotiation strategy for more open access

Within the scope of implementing the national open-access strategy, swissuniversities is adopting a new path for negotiating national contracts with the major publishing houses Springer Nature, Wiley und Elsevier. Read more

Data management made simple

A new article in Nature Career Feature talks about data management planning and how ETH Library helps researchers to tackle it. Read more

Action plan for national open access strategy approved

Now that swissuniversities and the Swiss University Conference have approved the action plan drawn up in 2017, the national open access strategy for Switzerland can be put into practice. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Analysis and design of a 1200 V All-SiC planar interconnection power module for next generation more electrical aircraft power electronic building blocks 

    Guacci, Mattia; Bortis, Dominik; Kovacevic, Ivana; et al. (2017)
    CPSS Transactions on Power Electronics and Applications
    Journal Article
  2. Automatic gain control of neural coupling during cooperative hand movements 

    Thomas, Felix A.; Dietz, Volker; Schrafl-Altermatt, Miriam (2018)
    Scientific Reports
    Cooperative hand movements (e.g. opening a bottle) are controlled by a task-specific neural coupling, reflected in EMG reflex responses contralateral to the stimulation site. In this study the contralateral reflex responses in forearm extensor muscles to ipsilateral ulnar nerve stimulation was analyzed at various resistance and velocities of cooperative hand movements. The size of contralateral reflex responses was closely related to the ...
    Journal Article
  3. On the Size of Two-Way Reasonable Automata for the Liveness Problem 

    Bianchi, Maria P.; Hromkovič, Juraj; Kováč, Ivan (2018)
    International journal of foundations of computer science
    Journal Article
  4. Multidecadal Variability in Global Surface Temperatures Related to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 

    Stolpe, Martin B.; Medhaug, Iselin; Sedláček, Jan; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Climate
    Journal Article
  5. Ethyl ester and silyl ester of imidodiphosphate: An alternative route to access phosphorus-nitrogen-phosphorus bonds via Staudinger reaction 

    Low, Jia E.; Levalois-Grützmacher, Joëlle (2018)
    Heteroatom chemistry
    Journal Article

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