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New negotiation strategy for more open access

Within the scope of implementing the national open-access strategy, swissuniversities is adopting a new path for negotiating national contracts with the major publishing houses Springer Nature, Wiley und Elsevier. Read more

Data management made simple

A new article in Nature Career Feature talks about data management planning and how ETH Library helps researchers to tackle it. Read more

Action plan for national open access strategy approved

Now that swissuniversities and the Swiss University Conference have approved the action plan drawn up in 2017, the national open access strategy for Switzerland can be put into practice. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Two Remarks on Eventown and Oddtown Problems 

    Sudakov, Benny; Vieira, Pedro (2018)
    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
    Journal Article
  2. Search for vector mediator of dark matter production in invisible decay mode 

    NA64 Collaboration; Banerjee, Dipanwita; Cooke, David; et al. (2018)
    Physical Review D
    A search is performed for a new sub-GeV vector boson (A′) mediated production of dark matter (χ) in the fixed-target experiment, NA64, at the CERN SPS. The A′, called dark photon, can be generated in the reaction e−Z→e−ZA′ of 100 GeV electrons dumped against an active target followed by its prompt invisible decay A′→χ¯χ. The experimental signature of this process would be an event with an isolated electron and large missing energy in the ...
    Journal Article
  3. Structure-Function Relationship of the Bik1-Bim1 Complex 

    Stangier, Marcel M.; Kumar, Anil; Chen, Xiuzhen; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article
  4. Sublinear Bounds For A Quantitative Doignon-Bell-Scarf Theorem 

    Chestnut, Stephen R.; Hildebrand, Robert; Zenklusen, Rico (2018)
    SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
    Journal Article
  5. 'You can't have one without the other': the differential impact of civil society strength on the implementation of EU policy 

    Schrama, Reini; Zhelyazkova, Asya (2018)
    Journal of European Public Policy
    Journal Article

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