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Recently Added 

  1. Model-Based Calibration for Magnetic Manipulation 

    Petruska, Andrew J.; Edelmann, Janis; Nelson, Bradley (2017)
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
    Model-based calibration of a magnetic workspace not only provides a smooth representation of the field and its gradient matrix, but also uses physical constraints to smooth the calibration measurements. This paper presents the first model-based technique to calibrate a magnetic manipulation system by using nonlinear least squares to solve for a scalar potential for each source. The performance of the method is verified by comparison to ...
    Journal Article
  2. High Speed Photoconductive Plasmonic Germanium Detector 

    Salamin, Yannick; Ma, Ping; Emboras, Alexandros; et al. (2017)
    OSA Technical Digest (online)
    We demonstrate a new concept of a photoconductive plasmonic photodetector that features high speed at nanometer scale. The concept is based on the electro-absorption effect in an plasmonic slot-waveguide with amorphous Ge as active material
    Conference Paper
  3. Concise Encoding of Flow Attributes in SDN Switches 

    MacDavid, Robert; Birkner, Rudiger; Rottenstreich, Ori; et al. (2017)
    Proceedings of the Symposium on SDN Research - SOSR '17
    Network devices such as routers and switches forward traffic based on entries in their local forwarding tables. Although these forwarding tables conventionally make decisions based on a packet header field such as a destination address, tagging flows with sets or sequences of attributes and making forwarding decisions based on these attributes can enable richer network policies. For example, devices at the edge of a network could add a ...
    Conference Proceedings
  4. SDX-Based Flexibility or Internet Correctness? 

    Birkner, Rüdiger; Gupta, Arpit; Feamster, Nick; et al. (2017)
    Proceedings of the Symposium on SDN Research - SOSR '17
    Software-Defined Internet eXchange Points (SDXes) are recently gaining momentum, with several SDXes now running in production. The deployment of multiple SDXes on the Internet raises the question of whether the interactions between these SDXes will cause correctness problems, since SDX policies can deflect traffic away from the default BGP route for a prefix, effectively breaking the congruence between the control plane and data plane. ...
    Conference Proceedings
  5. Development of a Super-insulating, Aerogel-based Textile Wallpaper for the Indoor Energy Retrofit of Existing Residential Buildings 

    Masera, Gabriele; Ghazi Wakili, Karim; Stahl, Thomas; et al. (2017)
    Procedia engineering
    Retrofitting the residential building stock poses a major challenge for the European building sector in the coming years. It is also crucial to achieve the decarbonisation goals set by the EU's Energy Roadmap 2050. The EASEE research project, funded by the European Commission, addressed this issue by developing a holistic approach to envelope retrofitting. This paper presents an innovative technical solution developed within this research ...
    Conference Paper

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