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Data management made simple

A new article in Nature Career Feature talks about data management planning and how ETH Library helps researchers to tackle it. Read more

Action plan for national open access strategy approved

Now that swissuniversities and the Swiss University Conference have approved the action plan drawn up in 2017, the national open access strategy for Switzerland can be put into practice. Read more

Recording and slides from Info Event on SNSF requirements for Data Management Plans available

ETH Library’s Digital Curation Office and ETH Scientific IT Services informed ETH Zurich’s scientists about Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Data Management Plans at an information event on 6 March 2018. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. H-theorem and Maxwell demon in quantum physics 

    Kirsanov N.; Lebedev A.; Sadovskyy I.; et al. (2018)
    AIP Conference Proceedings
    Conference Paper
  2. Validity and reliability of naturalistic driving scene categorization Judgments from crowdsourcing 

    Cabrall, Christopher D.D.; Lu, Zhenji; Kyriakidisas, Miltos; et al. (2018)
    Accident Analysis and Prevention
    Journal Article
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging of gas-solid fluidization with liquid bridging 

    Boyce, C. M.; Penn, A.; Pruessmann, K. P.; et al. (2017)
    AIChE Journal
    Journal Article
  4. Search for top squarks and dark matter particles in opposite-charge dilepton final states at s = 13 TeV 

    Sirunyan A.; Tumasyan A.; Adam W.; et al. (2018)
    Physical Review D
    Journal Article
  5. Degenerately Hydrogen Doped Molybdenum Oxide Nanodisks for Ultrasensitive Plasmonic Biosensing 

    Zhang B.; Zavabeti A.; Chrimes A.; et al. (2018)
    Advanced Functional Materials
    Journal Article

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