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Recently Added 

  1. Aqueous leaf extract of Ligustrum vulgare inhibits ascospore germination and mycelial growth of Hymenoscyphus fraxineus 

    Bruhwiler, Valentin; Sieber, Thomas N. (2020)
    Forest Pathology
    Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, the causal agent of common ash dieback, possesses a low level of genetic diversity in Europe. The introduction of novel strains of this fungus must be prevented, due to the possible emergence of new virulence alleles, which could result in the infestation of the small proportion of hitherto resistant or tolerant ash trees. More comprehensive knowledge of the host spectrum of H. fraxineus is necessary for preventing ...
    Journal Article
  2. Cosmopolitan arrogance, epistemic modesty and the motivational prerequisites for solidarity 

    Beckstein, Martin (2020)
    To assess the merits and demerits of the content of Culp's educational programme, the paper does three things: First, it discusses whether Culp's defence against conceivable objections manages to effectively dispel the charge of cosmopolitan arrogance. Second, it spells out one implication of epistemic modesty, which Culp considers a core competence to be imparted by citizenship education. Third, it reflects upon the tricky task of ...
    Journal Article
  3. In vitro 3D phenotypic drug screen identifies celastrol as an effective in vivo inhibitor of polycystic kidney disease 

    Booij T.H.; Leonhard W.N.; Bange H.; et al. (2020)
    Journal of molecular cell biology
    © The Author(s) 2019. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, IBCB, SIBS, CAS. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a prevalent genetic disorder, characterized by the formation of kidney cysts that progressively lead to kidney failure. The currently available drug tolvaptan is not well tolerated by all patients and there remains a strong need for alternative treatments. The signaling rewiring in ...
    Journal Article
  4. Efficient mate finding in planktonic copepods swimming in turbulence 

    Michalec F.G.; Fouxon I.; Souissi S.; et al. (2020)
    © 2020, Michalec et al. Zooplankton live in dynamic environments where turbulence may challenge their limited swimming abilities. How this interferes with fundamental behavioral processes remains elusive. We reconstruct simultaneously the trajectories of flow tracers and calanoid copepods and we quantify their ability to find mates when ambient flow imposes physical constrains on their motion and impairs their olfactory orientation. We ...
    Journal Article
  5. An Alternative to Conventional λ-Intermediate States in Alchemical Free Energy Calculations: λ-Enveloping Distribution Sampling 

    König G.; Glaser N.; Schroeder B.; et al. (2020)
    Journal of chemical information and modeling
    Alchemical free energy calculations typically rely on intermediate states to bridge between the relevant phase spaces of the two end states. These intermediate states are usually created by mixing the energies or parameters of the end states according to a coupling parameter λ. The choice of the procedure has a strong impact on the efficiency of the calculation, as it affects both the encountered energy barriers and the phase space overlap ...
    Journal Article

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