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Recently Added 

  1. Geometry Extraction for Ad Hoc Redirected Walking using a SLAM Device 

    Hirt, Christian; Zank, Markus; Kunz, Andreas (2018)
    Redirected walking applications allow a user to explore large virtual environments in a smaller physical space by employing so-called redirection techniques. To further improve the immersion of a virtual experience, path planning algorithms were developed which choose redirection techniques based on the current position and orientation of the user. Furthermore, additional algorithms were developed to guarantee the user's safety at all ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Discrete Rotation during Eye-Blink 

    Nguyen, Anh; Inhelder, Marc; Kunz, Andreas (2018)
    Redirection techniques enable users to explore a virtual environment larger than the real physical space by manipulating the mapping between the virtual and real trajectories without breaking immersion. These techniques can be applied continuously over time (using translational, rotational and curvature gains) or discretely (utilizing change blindness, visual suppression etc.). While most attention has been devoted to continuous techniques, ...
    Conference Paper
  3. Data-driven detection of moving bottlenecks in multi-variant production lines 

    Roh, Philip; Kunz, Andreas; Netland, Torbjörn (2018)
    Because bottlenecks limit the throughput of production systems, it is important to correctly detect and control them. This task is especially demanding in high-speed dynamic production environments within asynchronous production lines. A change in conditions often shifts the bottleneck from one process to another. This paper proposes a data-driven concept for the detection of dynamic bottlenecks in multi-variant production lines. We build ...
    Conference Paper
  4. Synthesis and biological evaluation of redox/NIR dual stimulus-responsive polymeric nanoparticles for targeted delivery of cisplatin 

    You C.; Wu H.; Wang M.; et al. (2018)
    Materials Science and Engineering C
    Journal Article
  5. Publisher Correction: Carbon and oxygen isotopes in tree rings: climate signals and microsite effects 

    Gessler A. (2018)
    Trees - Structure and Function
    Journal Article

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