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Recently Added 

  1. Parliament, People or Technocrats? Explaining Mass Public Preferences on Delegation of Policymaking Authority 

    Beiser-McGrath, Liam F.; Huber, Robert A.; Bernauer, Thomas; et al. (2021)
    Comparative political studies
    While delegation of policymaking authority from citizens to parliament is the most defining characteristic of representative democracy, public demand for delegating such authority away from legislature/government to technocrats or back to citizens appears to have increased. Drawing on spatial models of voting, we argue that the distance between individuals' ideal policy points, the status quo, experts' policy positions and aggregated ...
    Journal Article
  2. Methodological Advances to Study Contaminant Biotransformation: New Prospects for Understanding and Reducing Environmental Persistence? 

    Fenner, Kathrin; Elsner, Martin; Lueders, Tillmann; et al. (2021)
    ACS ES&T Water
    Complex microbial communities in environmental systems play a key role in the detoxification of chemical contaminants by transforming them into less active metabolites or by complete mineralization. Biotransformation, i.e., transformation by microbes, is well understood for a number of priority pollutants, but a similar level of understanding is lacking for many emerging contaminants encountered at low concentrations and in complex mixtures ...
    Journal Article
  3. A Light Tolerant Neural Recording IC for Near-Infrared-Powered Free Floating Motes 

    Lim, Jongyup; Lee, Jungho; Moon, Eunseong; et al. (2021)
    2021 Symposium on VLSI Circuits
    Conference Paper
  4. A 2.3GHz Fully Integrated DC-DC Converter based on Electromagnetically Coupled Class-D LC Oscillators achieving 78.1% Efficiency in 22nm FDSOI CMOS 

    Novello, Alessandro; Atzeni, Gabriele; Cristiano, Giorgio; et al. (2021)
    2021 Symposium on VLSI Circuits
    A fully integrated DC-DC converter based on electromagnetically coupled class-D LC oscillators achieving 0.42-3.2W/mm 2 power density and 69.4-78.1% efficiency is demonstrated in a 22nm FDSOI CMOS technology. This work proposes on-chip 8-shaped and vertically stacked transformers, which are orthogonally placed for the high-power density, low undesired coupling coefficient and small electromagnetic interference (EMI) radiation. In addition, ...
    Conference Paper

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