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  1. A perimeter control approach integrating dedicated express toll lanes 

    Yang, Kaidi; Zheng, Nan; Menendez, Monica (2018)
    Real-time traffic control strategies at the network level have been attracting significant research attention, in particular the perimeter control. This paper continues this research direction, but introduces the heterogeneity of drivers into the modelling framework and proposes a novel control strategy with congestion pricing. The heterogeneity is represented by the difference across drivers in their value-of-time (VOT). The proposed ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Pesticides drive risk in wastewater-impacted streams during low flow conditions (vol 110, pg 366, 2017) 

    Munz, Nicole A.; Burdon, Francis J.; de Zwart, Dick; et al. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  3. Quantitative comparison of simulated and measured signals in the STEM mode of a SEM 

    Walker, C. G. H.; Konvalina, I.; Mika, F.; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article
  4. A pooled RP/SP mode, route and destination choice model to capture the heterogeneity of mode and user type effects 

    Schmid, Basil; Jokubauskaite, Simona; Aschauer, Florian; et al. (2018)
    Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice
    This paper presents the first representative estimates of the marginal willingness to pay for a reduction in travel time (VTTS) for Austria, being of great importance for transport policy appraisals. The main focus is to investigate mode and user-type effects using a pooled RP/SP modeling approach for mode, route and destination choice data, revealing average VTTS estimates for car (9.90 Euro/h), public transport (3.90 Euro/h), bike (7.30 ...
    Journal Article

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