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Recently Added 

  1. Conservatism between theory and practice: The case of migration to Europe 

    European Journal of Political Research
    This paper explores the neglected relationship between conservatism as a political theory, and conservatism as political practice, using the example of recent immigration to Europe. A cursory glance at how European politicians have responded to migration challenges suggests that they roughly divide into a leftist 'liberal' and a rightist 'conservative' camp, between those that favour some form of an open-arms policy and those who prefer ...
    Journal Article
  2. The Impact of Policy Awareness: Evidence from Vehicle Registration Taxes in Switzerland 

    Cerruti, Davide; Daminato, Claudio; Filippini, Massimo (2018)
    Conference Paper
  3. Feedbacks between soil penetration resistance , root architecture and water uptake limit water accessibility and crop growth – a vicious circle 

    Colombi, Tino; Torres, Lorena Chagas; Walter, Achim; et al. (2018)
    Science of the Total Environment
    Journal Article
  4. Optimal sensor placement methods and metrics – comparison and implementation on a timber frame structure 

    Leyder, Claude; Dertimanis, Vasilis; Frangi, Andrea; et al. (2018)
    Structure and Infrastructure Engineering
    Journal Article
  5. Carlo Fontana: il perno "internazionale" dell'architettura barocca, nelle grinfie dei pregiudizi degli storici dell'arte 

    Oechslin, Werner (2017)
    Carlo Fontana 1638-1714. Convegno internazionale. Roma, Palazzo Carpegna 22-24 ottobre 2014. Accademia Nazionale Di San Luca. Quaderni degli Atti 2012-2014
    Book Chapter

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