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Recently Added 

  1. Utopia and Pragmatism in Zurich’s Co-operative Housing 

    Davidovici, Irina (2020)
    Housing the Co-op: A Micro-Political Manifesto
    Originally established by progressive middle-class circles at the turn of the twentieth century, housing co-operatives acquired a critical mass after 1918, a few years after being adopted by trade unions and large swathes of the working classes. In alliance with the city’s social-democratic governance, the co-operative movement shaped entire new districts near the main manufacturing centers, developing large perimeter blocks in ...
    Book Chapter
  2. Reforms of Technical Vocational Education and Training system in Benin: An exploration of social anthropological field 

    Nouatin, Guy; Gandonou, Esaïe; Bankole, Rubain; et al. (2020)
    LELAM Working Papers
    Journal Article
  3. Conception et confection 

    Gillet, Valentin (2020)
    Previously only realised in infrastructural projects and industrial buildings, the introduction of reinforced-concrete frames in domestic and commercial architecture during the first years of the twentieth century in Paris required new solutions for the infill and the cladding of such structures. One of the first answers was to infill the concrete skeletons with non-load-bearing brickwork and to clad the building with ceramic tiles. The ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Beggar-Thy-Neighbour Tax Cuts: Mobility After a Local Income and Wealth Tax Reform in Switzerland 

    Martínez, Isabel Z. (2021)
    KOF Working Papers
    I analyze mobility responses to the unique introduction of regressive local income schedule in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden in 2006, which was aimed at attracting the top 1%. Differencein- Differences estimations comparing Obwalden to all other cantons confirm that the reform successfully attracted rich taxpayers: by 2016, the share of rich in the canton more than doubled and average income per taxpayer was 16% higher relative to 2005. ...
    Working Paper

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