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Recently Added 

  1. Bernini - Borromini. Or the Janus face of Roman Baroque 

    Delbeke, Maarten (2016)
    Oase : tijdschrift voor architectuur : journal for architecture
    Journal Article
  2. Foreword – uncovering the ineffable 

    Delbeke, Maarten (2017)
    From Doxiadis’ theory to Pikionis’ work. Reflections of Antiquity in Modern Architecture
    Book Chapter
  3. December Fever in Public Finance 

    Eichenauer, Vera Z. (2017)
    Other Conference Item
  4. Religious architecture and the image in the Southern Netherlands after the Beeldenstorm. Shrines for Miracle-Working statues of the Virgin Mary 

    Delbeke, Maarten (2017)
    Renaissance and Baroque Architecture. The Companions to the History of Architecture, vol. I
    Book Chapter
  5. Echoing Rome. Aspects of the Religious Architecture of the Southern Low Countries 

    Delbeke, Maarten (2017)
    Alla luce di Roma. I disegni scenografici di scultori fiamminghi e il Barocco romano
    Book Chapter

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