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Web editors at ETH Zurich can now integrate publication data from the Research Collection into their web pages. The publications component in the AEM Web CMS has been upgraded accordingly. Further information for users of the publications component is provided on ETH Zurich’s website (access only with nethz login). Read more

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Data Management Plans for SNSF Grants
The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF has published guidelines for Data Management Plans. As of October 2017 researchers are requested to submit a Data Management Plan as an integral part of their research application. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Measuring Network Reliability and Repairability against Cascading Failures 

    Thapa, Manish; Espejo-Uribe, Jose; Pournaras, Evangelos (2017)
    Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
    Journal Article
  2. Zur Schweizer Pressegeschichte 

    Bruderer, Herbert (1990)
    Älteste Zeitung der Welt, Alter der schweizerischen Tageszeitungen
  3. Cross-disciplinary Higher Education of Data Science–Beyond the Computer Science Student 

    Pournaras, Evangelos (2017)
    Data Science
    Journal Article
  4. Wem gehört der Bodensee? 

    Bruderer, Herbert (1988)
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ
    Rechtsstreit um den Grenzverlauf im Bodensee (Kondominiumstheorie oder Realteilung), Bodenseeschifffahrt, Mehrwertsteuer
    Newspaper Article

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