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Research Data Management – what can I do?

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New ETH Research Data Management Website

At ETH Zurich a new website on research data has been launched. It provides a central source of information and a point-of-contact for data management related topics and is maintained by the Digital Curation group (ETH Library) and by ETH Scientific IT Services. The website offers information on data management planning, active data management and publication and long-term preservation of research data. Read more

Activation of Web of Science and Scopus imports

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Recently Added 

  1. The Anglo-German Addiction to American Defense 

    Keohane, Daniel (2017)
    Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe
    Germany and the UK are likely to remain dependent on U.S. defense, because the alternatives are currently too daunting for Berlin and London.
    Other Publication
  2. Robotic Landscapes. Developing Computational Design Tools towards Autonomous Terrain Modeling 

    Hurkxkens, Ilmar; Girot, Christophe; Hutter, Marco (2017)
    DISCIPLINES & DISRUPTION Proceedings Catalog of the 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), 2017
    Book Chapter
  3. Laser manufacturing of carbide micro milling tools 

    Pfaff, Josquin; Hajri, Melik; Häfner, Claudio; et al. (2017)
    Conference Paper
  4. Integrating fibre Fabry-Perot cavity sensor in to 3D printed metal components for extreme high temperature monitoring applications 

    Mathew, Jinesh; Hauser, Carl; Stoll, Philipp; et al. (2017)
    IEEE Sensors Journal
    This paper reports methods of embedding into 3D printed metal components a fused silica capillary designed to accept an in-fibre Fabry-Perot cavity based extreme high temperature sensor. The components are manufactured in stainless steel (SS316) by additive manufacturing using selective laser melting (SLM). The temperature sensor consists of a standard single mode optical fibre with the F-P sensor located at the distal end of the fibre ...
    Journal Article
  5. Ausweitung der Abschusszone: Trumps Raketenabwehr 

    Thränert, Oliver (2017)
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Nordkoreas Spiele mit dem ballistischen atomaren Feuer werfen Fragen nach der Raketenabwehr der Zukunft auf. Die Frage ist, was technisch und was politisch machbar ist.
    Newspaper Article

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