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Open access: the new story on Explora

It’s the year 2024: a scientist in Sudan, a family member of a patient with a rare disease in the USA, a farmer in China – they are all able to access the latest findings from academia at any time, without restriction and free of charge. As a result, they can develop new energy supply options for their community, prepare for visits to the doctor or follow the latest research on varieties and seeds. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Incumbents in the Energy Transition: how Electric Utilities adapt to their Changing Business Environment 

    Frei, Fanny (2018)
    The energy sector is currently undergoing a fundamental transition. Triggered by the idea of climate change mitigation and political discussions about a nuclear phase-out, the sector has experienced a pronounced shift towards CO2-neutral power generation and energy efficiency. Along with this technological shift, there have also been attempts to (partly) liberalize the power markets. These developments---known as the energy transition---challenge ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Grundlagen der Schüepp'schen Alpenwetterstatistik AWS 

    Bader, Stephan; Richner, Hans; Schüepp, Max (2018)
    Detaillierte Beschreibung der Parameter in der von Schüepp eingeführten Klassifikation für die Wetterlagen im zentralen Alpenraum. Im Anhang sind die täglichen, generellen Klassifikationen für die Jahre 1945 bis 2010 enthalten.
  3. When Memristance Crosses the Path with Humidity Sensing-About the Importance of Protons and Its Opportunities in Valence Change Memristors 

    Messerschmitt, Felix; Jansen, Maximilian; Rupp, Jennifer L. M. (2018)
    Advanced Electronic Materials
    Resistive switching devices based on oxides have outstanding properties, making them a promising candidate to replace today's transistor‐based computer memories as non‐volatile valence change memories, and can even find future application in neuromorphic computing. To date, the scientific discussion is so far mainly restricted to oxygen vacancy contributions disregarding the role of protonic defects on resistive switching. In this work, ...
    Journal Article
  4. Design, Modeling and Control of a Soft Robotic Arm 

    Hofer, Matthias; D'Andrea, Raffaello (2018)
    Conference Paper

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