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Events during the Open Access Week 2018

Against the backdrop of the Open Access Week 2018, ETH Library invites you to two virtual events on open access publishing, openness and FAIR data. Read more

SCNAT workshop on open data and data management

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is organising a workshop on the topics of open data and data management on 29 October 2018. Read more

Open access: the new story on Explora

It’s the year 2024: a scientist in Sudan, a family member of a patient with a rare disease in the USA, a farmer in China – they are all able to access the latest findings from academia at any time, without restriction and free of charge. As a result, they can develop new energy supply options for their community, prepare for visits to the doctor or follow the latest research on varieties and seeds. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Measuring Glycolytic and Mitochondrial Fluxes in Endothelial Cells Using Radioactive Tracers 

    Veys, Koen; Diaz, Abdiel Alvarado; De Bock, Katrien (2018)
    Metabolic Signaling
    Book Chapter
  2. Changing with the Climate 

    Patt, A.; Booth, L. (2018)
    The Push for Proactive Climate Adaptation in Europe
    Book Chapter
  3. Institutionalizing Transboundary Coordination and Cooperation in Basel, Switzerland. 

    Booth, L.; Tobler, C. (2018)
    Other Journal Item
  4. Feedback-stabilised quantum states in a mixed-species ion system 

    Negnevitsky, Vlad (2018)
    Trapped ions are among the leading platforms for realising quantum information processing (QIP). One major challenge in constructing a large-scale QIP device will be to incorporate feedback techniques for performing quantum error correction. This thesis describes the development of a novel classical control system for ion trap quantum computing incorporating powerful real-time processing, and its use in performing a number of experiments ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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