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Recently Added 

  1. Integer Polynomial Optimization in Fixed Dimension 

    Zemmer, Kevin (2017)
    The problem of optimizing multivariate scalar polynomial functions over mixed-integer points in polyhedra is a generalization of the well known Linear Programming (LP) problem. While LP problems have been shown to be polynomially solvable, their extension to mixed-integer points, known as Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP), is NP-hard. However, if the number of integer variables is fixed, MILP is polynomially solvable. We develop ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. A Structural Equation Modeling Investigation of the Emotional Value of Immersive Virtual Reality in Education. 

    Makransky, Guido; Lilleholt, Lau (2018)
    Educational Technology, Research and Development
    Journal Article
  3. LLAMA: normal star formation efficiencies of molecular gas in the centres of luminous Seyfert galaxies 

    Rosario, D. J.; Burtscher, L.; Davies, R. I.; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article
  4. PHIBSS: Unified Scaling Relations of Gas Depletion Time and Molecular Gas Fractions 

    Tacconi, L. J.; Genzel, R.; Saintonge, A.; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article

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