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Events during the Open Access Week 2018

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SCNAT workshop on open data and data management

The Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) is organising a workshop on the topics of open data and data management on 29 October 2018. Read more

Open access: the new story on Explora

It’s the year 2024: a scientist in Sudan, a family member of a patient with a rare disease in the USA, a farmer in China – they are all able to access the latest findings from academia at any time, without restriction and free of charge. As a result, they can develop new energy supply options for their community, prepare for visits to the doctor or follow the latest research on varieties and seeds. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Auswahlbibliographie 2016-2017 

    Hollender, Gabi (2018)
    Thomas Mann Jahrbuch
    Journal Article
  2. Französische Pensionen in der Eidgenossenschaft und ihre Verteilung in Stadt und Amt Zug durch die Familie Zurlauben 

    Keller, Katrin; Huber, Cécile (2018)
    Soldgeschäfte, Klientelismus, Korruption in der Frühen Neuzeit. Zum Soldunternehmertum der Familie Zurlauben im schweizerischen und europäischen Kontext
    Book Chapter
  3. Ein Schweizer Gardehauptmann als französischer Unterhändler. Johann Peter Stuppas Werbeverhandlungen in der Eidgenossenschaft 1671 

    Keller, Katrin (2018)
    Beobachten, Vernetzen, Verhandeln. Diplomatische Akteure und politische Kulturen in der frühneuzeitlichen Eidgenossenschaft / Observer, connecter, négocier. Acteurs diplomatiques et cultures politiques dans le Corps helvétique, XVIIe et XVIII e siècles
    Book Chapter
  4. Phage selection for bacterial cheats leads to population decline 

    Vasse, Marie; Torres-Barceló, Clara; Hochberg, Michael E. (2015)
    Proceedings of the Royal Society. B, Biological Sciences
    While predators and parasites are known for their effects on bacterial population biology, their impact on the dynamics of bacterial social evolution remains largely unclear. Siderophores are iron-chelating molecules that are key to the survival of certain bacterial species in iron-limited environments, but their production can be subject to cheating by non-producing genotypes. In a selection experiment conducted over approximately 20 ...
    Journal Article

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