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Recently Added 

  1. An efficient distribution method for nonlinear two-phase flow in highly heterogeneous multidimensional stochastic porous media 

    Ibrahima, Fayadhoi; Tchelepi, Hamdi A.; Meyer, Daniel W. (2017)
    Computational Geosciences
    Journal Article
  2. Sediment transport through the power waterway and hydro-abrasive erosion on turbines 

    Felix, David; Albayrak, Ismail; Boes, Robert Michael; et al. (2017)
    Conference Proceedings
  3. Microscale Surface-based Bioanalytical Applications Using Microfluidic Probe Technologies 

    Cors, Julien F. (2017)
    Compartmentalization is central to the study of heterogeneity in biological substrates in several areas of research in the life-sciences. For this, it is important to localize chemical reactions at the micrometer length-scale in immersed environments with conservative use of reagents and samples. Such controlled localization of chemicals on surfaces has been demonstrated in microfluidic systems wherein the small scale provides unique ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Reversing resistance: different routes and common themes across pathogens 

    Allen, Richard C.; Engelstädter, Jan; Bonhoeffer, Sebastian; et al. (2017)
    Proceedings of the Royal Society. B, Biological sciences
    Resistance spreads rapidly in pathogen or pest populations exposed to bio- cides, such as fungicides and antibiotics, and in many cases new biocides are in short supply. How can resistance be reversed in order to prolong the effec- tiveness of available treatments? Some key parameters affecting reversion of resistance are well known, such as the fitness cost of resistance. However, the population biological processes that actually cause ...
    Journal Article
  5. Structural and Functional Investigation of Two Splicing Factors: Human hnRNP G and yeast Npl3 

    Moursy, Ahmed (2017)
    The genetic information stored in the DNA is transferred by a first step of transcription to RNA. The transcribed pre-messenger RNA (pre-mRNA) is subjected to a series of maturation steps before it is translated into functional protein. One of the major maturation steps is constitutive splicing, which consists in the removal of non-coding sequences (introns) within the RNA and the ligation of coding sequences (exons). Interestingly, the ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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