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Recently Added 

  1. Nr.99: Georgia's relations with the EU 

    Kakabadze, Shota; Zurabishvili, Tinatin; Uchida, Shu (2017)
    Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD)
    This interdisciplinary issue of the Caucasus Analytical Digest looks at Georgia’s relations with the EU. The contribution by Shota Kakabadze, a political scientist, examines domestic political debates and Georgia’s resulting foreign policy towards the EU. The second contribution, by sociologist Tinatin Zurabishvili examines public opinion polls. The analysis focuses on the (rather diffuse) profile of those Georgians who claim that the EU ...
    Journal Issue
  2. A Dual Approach to Ambiguity Aversion 

    Bommier, Antoine (2017)
    Journal of Mathematical Economics
    In the present paper, the assumption of monotonicity of Anscombe and Aumann (1963) is replaced by an assumption of monotonicity with respect to first-order stochastic dominance. This yields a representation result where ambiguous distributions of objective beliefs are first aggregated into ‘‘equivalent unambiguous beliefs’’ and then risk preferences are used to compute the utility of these equivalent unambiguous beliefs. Such an ...
    Journal Article
  3. "Risk Aversion and Precautionary Savings in Dynamic Settings" 

    Bommier A., Antoine (2017)
    Management Science
    We study the saving behavior of infinitely long-lived agents who face income uncertainty and deterministic interest rates. Using monotone recursive preferences, we prove that risk aversion unambiguously increases savings. The result accounts for possibly binding borrowing constraints and holds for very general specification of income uncertainty, which can follow any kind of stochastically monotone process.
    Journal Article
  4. Introduction: Why a Special Edition on OSCE Mediation 

    Hess Sargsyan, Anna (2017)
    Security and Human Rights, Special Issue
    Book Chapter
  5. No 216 : Les enjeux stratégiques du marché du pétrole 

    Fischer, Severin (2017)
    Politique de sécurité: analyses du CSS
    Le développement massif de la production de pétrole de schiste aux États-Unis a amorcé une phase d’offre excédentaire à l’échelle mondiale. Cette situation, combinée à d’autres facteurs, fait peser une pression croissante sur l’OPEP et les autres pays producteurs. Deux évolutions possibles se dessinent.
    Other Publication

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