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Research Collection: Statistics October 2019

In October 2019, the number of journal article downloads reached a new record level. More than 70,000 downloads were made in a single month. Read more

Open access and its hurdles

Report of the panel discussion of 24 October 2019. Read more

Delegation of authorizations for the Annual Academic Achievements (AAA) 2019

Due to the migration of the academic reports to the new ETHIS portal all delegation rules for editing an AAA report and for confirming organizational codes in the Research Collection must be set up again. Even though the 2019 report is not yet available for entering data the person responsible for a report can already delegate their rights via the ETHIS Portal -> «Persönlich» -> «Berechtigungen» -> «ETHIS Authorisations». If you no longer have the authorization to edit a certain academic report, please ask the owner of the organizational unit to set up the delegation now. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Hochspannungsleitungen planen und deren Akzeptanz erhöhen – mit dem 3D Decision Support System der ETH Zürich 

    Schito, Joram (2019)
    Die Planung von Hochspannungsleitungen ist ein heikles Thema, da deren Resultate nachhal-tige Auswirkungen auf die Landschaftsästhetik und auf die Wahrnehmung des Lebensraums haben. Aus diesem Grund hat sich der politische Diskurs über Erdkabelleitungen in den letz-ten Jahren deutlich erhöht. Allerdings ist die Planung von Erdkabelleitungen komplex und be-darf eines computergestützten Ansatzes, um ideale Erdkabelkorridore zu bestimmen. ...
    Conference Proceedings
  2. Predicting outdoor recreation demand on a national scale – The case of Switzerland 

    Willibald, Fabian; van Strien, Maarten J.; Blanco, Victor; et al. (2019)
    Applied Geography
    Residents of industrialized countries place increasingly more value on outdoor recreation. For many alpine and remote municipalities, revenues from tourism and recreation belong to the most important sources of income. At the same time, these activities generate large carbon footprints through traffic. In order to understand what drives the demand for outdoor recreation, we used a set of Generalized Linear Models to explain how landscape ...
    Journal Article
  3. Influences of forest canopy on snowpack accumulation and isotope ratios 

    Von Freyberg, Jana; Bjarnadóttir, Tanja R.; Allen, Scott Thomas (2019)
    Hydrological Processes
    Journal Article
  4. Yttrium Tantalum Oxynitride Multiphases as Photoanodes for Water Oxidation 

    Si, Wenping; Tehrani, Zahra Pourmand; Haydous, Fatima; et al. (2019)
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
    Journal Article
  5. Seismic structure of the crust in the western Dominican Republic 

    Núñez, Diana; Córdoba, Diego; Kissling, Edi (2019)
    Journal Article

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