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Recently Added 

  1. El valor de dos espacios recreativos periurbanos en la Ciudad de México 

    Martinez Cruz, Adan L.; Sainz-Santamaria, Jaime (2017)
    El Trimestre Economico
    Antecedentes: Los encargados de políticas públicas ambientales han pasado por alto la relevancia de los ecosistemas urbanos, a pesar de que estos ecosistemas son particularmente importantes para la provisión de servicios que benefician directamente la salud, seguridad y recreación de las personas. La valoración económica de los ecosistemas urbanos es útil para informar los análisis costo-beneficio —que son urgentes en ciudades de países ...
    Journal Article
  2. Assessing Impacts From Climate Change on Local Social-ecological Systems in Contexts Where Information is Lacking: An Expert Elicitation in the Bolivian Altiplano 

    Martínez-Cruz, Adán L.; Juárez-Torres, Miriam; Guerrero, Santiago (2017)
    Ecological Economics
    Assessment of the expected impacts from climate change is an essential input for agencies engaged in fostering adaptation of local social-ecological systems. However, data is seldom available at the required scale. This study overcomes this hurdle by gathering data via an expert elicitation protocol. We report experts' judgements about two topics: i) the impacts from climate change on crop yields in three communities located in the Bolivian ...
    Journal Article
  3. How far can investment in efficient irrigation technologies reduce aquifer overdraft? Insights from an expert elicitation in Aguascalientes, Mexico 

    Sainz-Santamaria, Jaime; Martinez-Cruz, Adan L. (2017)
    Water Resources and Economics
    Aquifer overdraft is a key public concern in arid and semiarid regions —where agriculture is responsible of most of the water extraction. To tackle this problem, policy interventions in those regions most frequently focus on investment in irrigation technologies. However, these investments are usually carried out without consideration of the effects on water extraction. Estimation of such effects tend to be expensive and time-consuming ...
    Journal Article
  4. Non-market Value of Winter Outdoor Recreation in the Swiss Alps: The Case of Val Bedretto 

    Filippini, Massimo; Greene, William; Martinez-Cruz, Adan L. (2017)
    Environmental and Resource Economics
    A longstanding interest from environmental economists on winter outdoor recreation has overlooked activities practiced outside the boundaries of winter resorts—e.g. ski mountaineering. This paper implements the Travel Cost Method to estimate consumer surplus per season derived from ski mountaineering and snowshoeing in Val Bedretto—a valley located in the Swiss Alps. In addition, the Contingent Behavior Method is used to estimate the ...
    Journal Article
  5. Johannes Duft, Die Gallus-Kapelle zu St. Gallen und ihr Bilderzyklus 

    Oechslin, Werner (1978)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte
    Journal Article

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