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Research Collection: Statistics October 2019

In October 2019, the number of journal article downloads reached a new record level. More than 70,000 downloads were made in a single month. Read more

Open access and its hurdles

Report of the panel discussion of 24 October 2019. Read more

Delegation of authorizations for the Annual Academic Achievements (AAA) 2019

Due to the migration of the academic reports to the new ETHIS portal all delegation rules for editing an AAA report and for confirming organizational codes in the Research Collection must be set up again. Even though the 2019 report is not yet available for entering data the person responsible for a report can already delegate their rights via the ETHIS Portal -> «Persönlich» -> «Berechtigungen» -> «ETHIS Authorisations». If you no longer have the authorization to edit a certain academic report, please ask the owner of the organizational unit to set up the delegation now. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. The Dynamic Impact of Institutional Logic on New Venture Strategy 

    Clarysse, Bart; Thiel, Jana (2019)
    Academy of Management Proceedings
    We use in-depth case data on four technology companies–all pioneers in commercializing nanotech Quantum Dots–to elicit how dynamically aligned institutional logics channel development patterns typically observed in high-technology ventures. We show that the scientific logics of technology founders, socialized through the professional communities to which they belong, induce an early focus on building up technological competences to solve ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Entrepreneurial team formation and evolution in technology ventures: Looking beyond the top management team 

    Yusubova, Ayna; Andries, Petra; Clarysse, Bart (2019)
    Journal of Small Business Management
    Drawing on a stage-based and knowledge-based view, this study investigates the process of team evolution in technology ventures, paying attention to top managers and other team members. In-depth analysis of six cases shows that team evolution is linked to the changing knowledge needs technology ventures face when proceeding through different development stages. In each stage, they add (1) complementary or (2) more of the same knowledge ...
    Journal Article
  3. Multi-functional shape adaptable composite metamaterials for aerospace applications 

    Sakovsky, Maria; Ermanni, Paolo (2019)
    Conference Proceedings
  4. Is small family farming more environmentally sustainable? Evidence from a spatial regression discontinuity design in Germany 

    Wuepper, David; Wimmer, Stefan; Sauer, Johannes (2019)
    Land Use Policy
    This article investigates the effect of small family farming on the use of sustainable farming practices in Germany. For causal identification, we employ a fuzzy spatial regression discontinuity design at the historical inner-German border, adjust p-values for multiple hypothesis testing, and compare distinct strategies to classify farms. The results show that small family farming leads to more spatial diversification (more products), but ...
    Journal Article
  5. Micro Foundations of Paradox Management in Corporate Ventures 

    Leiting, Ann-Kathrin; Clarysse, Bart (2019)
    With this research, we aim on advancing theory on the micro foundations of the organizational paradox by identifying mechanisms used by venture leaders to overcome the paradox of innovation. We further contribute by introducing a dynamic approach to literature on the management of paradoxes. Adding a time dimension, we theorize how foci are shifted, and mechanisms change when the venture develops. Our findings reveal that paradoxes are ...
    Other Conference Item

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