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National Open Access Conference 2018

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Storing and archiving data safely

Many data storage devices and certain file formats no longer run on your computer after a couple of years. So what is the most effective way to secure data and store it for a long time? ETH Library’s Digital Curation Office to the rescue! Read more

ETH Library covers publication fees for open-access publisher Cogitatio

As of now, scientists from ETH Zurich who publish an article via the open-access publisher Cogitatio can charge the publication fees directly to ETH Zurich. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Understanding Chemical Reactions beyond Transition-State Theory 

    Richardson, Jeremy O. (2018)
    Transition-state theory is one of the most successful theories in chemistry. Not only does it provide a simple formula for computing the rate of a reaction but it defines our understanding of how a chemical reaction occurs – by overcoming an energy barrier. However, the theory is based on classical assumptions and ignores several quantum effects which can be important for certain reactions, particularly those involving hydrogen transfer ...
    Journal Article
  2. The Renaissance of Pentafulvene and Pentafulvalene Chemistry 

    Haberland, Sophie (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Research Data Management Services at ETH Zurich 

    Töwe, Matthias; Barillari, Caterina; Hirschmann, Barbara; et al. (2018)
    Research Data Management (RDM) is an integral part of scientific practice. The responsibility for RDM therefore lies with individual researchers, but service units of universities can support researchers’ efforts with appropriate service offers. From the point of view of the institution, this helps to streamline operations towards effective and efficient solutions. We outline here the RDM services provided to researchers at ETH Zurich ...
    Conference Poster
  4. Urban Elements 

    Richthofen, Aurel von (2018)
    Edited Volume
  5. Creating a Flexible Middleware for Low-Power Flooding Protocols 

    Bächli, Jonas (2018)
    Low-power wireless networks allow for easy-deployment and low-maintenance solutions for sensor applications. Glossy, an often used communication primitive to build such low-power wireless networks, is a flooding protocol providing high reliability and resilience. Even though the list of protocols building on top of Glossy is extensive, the current approach to implement Glossy-based protocols could be significantly improved by separating ...
    Master Thesis

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