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Wer openBIS nutzt, kann Forschungsdaten künftig noch leichter auf der Research Collection publizieren. Dadurch werden wertvolle Daten für andere Forschende schneller zugänglich. Weiterlesen

Neueste Publikationen 

  1. Steering coherence in quantum dots by carriers injection via tunneling 

    Khanonkin, Igor; Bauer, Sven; Eyal, Ori; et al. (2022)
    Coherent control is a key experimental technique for quantum optics and quantum information processing. We demonstrate a new degree of freedom in coherent control of semiconductor quantum dot (QD) ensembles operating at room temperature using the tunneling injection (TI) processes in which charge carriers tunnel directly from a quantum well reservoir to QD confined states. The TI scheme was originally proposed and implemented to improve ...
    Journal Article
  2. Under pressure: The extent and distribution of perceived pressure among scientists in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland 

    Johann, David; Raabe, Isabel J.; Rauhut, Heiko (2022)
    Research Evaluation
    While it has been stressed repeatedly that academics nowadays have come to face extensive pressure, the extent and distribution of pressure to publish and to secure third-party funding has not been systematically investigated on a large scale. Based on the Zurich Survey of Academics, a representative large-scale web survey among academics working at universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH region), which measures perceived ...
    Journal Article
  3. Near-Quantitative, Catalyst-Free Depolymerization of RAFT Polymethacrylates 

    Wang, Hyun Suk; Truong, Nghia P.; Anastasaki, Athina (2022)
    Other Journal Item
  4. High-resolution electricity generation model demonstrates suitability of high-altitude floating solar power 

    Eyring, Nicholas; Kittner, Noah (2022)
    This paper develops a meteorological site selection algorithm to quantify the electricity generation potential of floating solar design configurations on alpine water bodies in Switzerland. Using European power market demand patterns, we estimate the technical and economic potential of 82 prospective high-altitude floating solar sites co-located with existing Swiss hydropower. We demonstrate that the amount of solar energy radiating from ...
    Journal Article
  5. DNA-based networks reveal the ecological determinants of plant-herbivore interactions along environmental gradients 

    Pitteloud, Camille; Defossez, Emmanuel; Albouy, Camille; et al. (2022)
    Molecular Ecology
    Understanding the ecological rules structuring the organization of species interactions is a prerequisite to predicting how ecosystems respond to environmental changes. While the ecological determinants of single networks have been documented, it remains unclear whether network ecological rules are conserved along spatial and environmental gradients. To address this gap, we reconstructed 48 plant-herbivore interaction networks along six ...
    Journal Article

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