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Recently Added 

  1. Isolated DC-DC Converter for Battery Storage in Traction Applications - Control Overview 

    Stojadinović, Miloš; Biela, Jürgen (2017)
    Conference Poster
  2. Target Based Analysis - A Model to Analyse Usability Tests Based on Mobile Eye Tracking Recordings 

    Mussgnug, Moritz; Sadowska, Aleksandra; Moryson, Ralf; et al. (2017)
    This paper addresses the usability evaluation of tangible products by video analysis. Compared to conventionally conducted videos from the third-person perspective, mobile eye trackers allow to capture the user-product interaction from the first person view, and to measure the location of the gaze. Knowing where a user looks, enables to analyse the interaction more granular, and to draw conclusions about cognitive processes. To address ...
    Conference Paper
  3. Automated interpretation of eye–hand coordination in mobile eyet racking recordings 

    Mussgnug, Moritz; Singer, Daniel; Lohmeyer, Quentin; et al. (2017)
    Künstliche Intelligenz
    Mobile eye tracking is beneficial for the analysis of human–machine interactions of tangible products, as it tracks the eye movements reliably in natural environments, and it allows for insights into human behaviour and the associated cognitive processes. However, current methods require a manual screening of the video footage, which is time-consuming and subjective. This work aims to automatically detect cognitive demanding phases in ...
    Journal Article
  4. What benefits do initiatives such as Industry 4.0 offer for production locations in high-wage countries? 

    Schönsleben, Paul; Fontana, Filippo; Duchi, Aldo (2017)
    Conference Paper

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