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Data Management Plans for the SNSF

Applications submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) must include a Data Management Plan (DMP). The DMP is created online in mySNF and is considered as a draft at this stage. Read more

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Open access: further publication options for ETH Zurich members

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Recently Added 

  1. DMSO induces drastic changes in human cellular processes and epigenetic landscape in vitro 

    Verheijen M.; Lienhard M.; Schrooders Y.; et al. (2019)
    Scientific Reports
    Journal Article
  2. Restoration of high-sensitivity and adapting vision with a cone opsin 

    Berry M.; Holt A.; Salari A.; et al. (2019)
    Nature Communications
    Journal Article
  3. Photoregulated fluxional fluorophores for live-cell super-resolution microscopy with no apparent photobleaching 

    Halabi E.; Pinotsi D.; Rivera-Fuentes P. (2019)
    Nature Communications
    Journal Article
  4. Tracing Atlantic Waters Using <sup>129</sup> I and <sup>236</sup> U in the Fram Strait in 2016 

    Wefing A.; Christl M.; Vockenhuber C.; et al. (2019)
    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
    Journal Article
  5. Visualization of Clouds and Atmospheric Air Flows 

    Rimensberger N.; Gross M.; Günther T. (2019)
    IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
    Journal Article

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