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New ETH Research Data Management Website

At ETH Zurich a new website on research data has been launched. It provides a central source of information and a point-of-contact for data management related topics and is maintained by the Digital Curation group (ETH Library) and by ETH Scientific IT Services. The website offers information on data management planning, active data management and publication and long-term preservation of research data. Read more

Activation of Web of Science and Scopus imports

From now on, new journal and conference contributions are imported automatically from Scopus and Web of Science to the Research Collection if at least one author from ETH Zurich has contributed to the publication. Please note that you still need to add your organizational code to these items in order for them to appear in your academic report or on your website. Read more

Book a Librarian: Research Collection for AAA and AEM

The ETH Library offers free, personal consultations for members of ETH Zurich that record publications for the Annual Academic Achievements or for their AEM websites. Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Factors controlling Hadley circulation changes from the Last Glacial Maximum to the end of the 21st century 

    D’Agostino, R. (2017)
    Geophysical Research Letters
    Journal Article
  2. Feedback of atmosphere-ocean coupling on shifts of the Intertropical Convergence Zone. 

    Schneider, T. (2017)
    Geophysical Research Letters
    Journal Article
  3. Local energetic constraints on Walker circulation strength 

    Wills, R.C. (2017)
    Journal of atmospheric sciences
    Journal Article
  4. A Conceptual model for the response of tropical rainfall to orbital variations 

    Bischoff T., / (2017)
    Journal of Climate
    Journal Article

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