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Recently Added 

  1. Addressing Urgent Questions for PFAS in the 21st Century 

    Ng, Carla; Cousins, Ian T.; DeWitt, Jamie C.; et al. (2021)
    Despite decades of research on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), fundamental obstacles remain to addressing worldwide contamination by these chemicals and their associated impacts on environmental quality and health. Here, we propose six urgent questions relevant to science, technology, and policy that must be tackled to address the "PFAS problem": (1) What are the global production volumes of PFAS, and where are PFAS used? (2) ...
    Journal Article
  2. Strategies for sample labelling and library preparation in DNA metabarcoding studies 

    Bohmann, Kristine; Elbrecht, Vasco; Caroe, Christian; et al. (2021)
    Metabarcoding of DNA extracted from environmental or bulk specimen samples is increasingly used to profile biota in basic and applied biodiversity research because of its targeted nature that allows sequencing of genetic markers from many samples in parallel. To achieve this, PCR amplification is carried out with primers designed to target a taxonomically informative marker within a taxonomic group, and sample-specific nucleotide identifiers ...
    Review Article
  3. Visibility matters during wayfinding in the vertical (vol 11, 18980, 2021) 

    Gath-Morad, Michal; Thrash, Tyler; Schicker, Julia; et al. (2021)
    Scientific Reports
    Other Journal Item
  4. 3D-Printed Reinforcement Scaffolds with Targeted Biodegradation Properties for the Tissue Engineering of Articular Cartilage 

    Tosoratti, Enrico; Fisch, Philipp; Taylor, Scott; et al. (2021)
    Advanced Healthcare Materials
    Achieving regeneration of articular cartilage is challenging due to the low healing capacity of the tissue. Appropriate selection of cell source, hydrogel, and scaffold materials are critical to obtain good integration and long-term stability of implants in native tissues. Specifically, biomechanical stability and in vivo integration can be improved if the rate of degradation of the scaffold material matches the stiffening of the sample ...
    Journal Article
  5. The effect of morphology and particle-wall interaction on colloidal near-wall dynamics 

    Rivera-Moran, J. Alejandro; Liu, Yi; Monter, Samuel; et al. (2021)
    Soft Matter
    We investigated the near-wall Brownian dynamics of different types of colloidal particles with a typical size in the 100 nm range using evanescent wave dynamic light scattering (EWDLS). In detail we studied dilute suspensions of silica spheres and shells with a smooth surface and silica particles with controlled surface roughness. While the near wall dynamics of the particle with a smooth surface differ only slightly from the theoretical ...
    Journal Article

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