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Recently Added 

  1. An auspicious encounter: Blaser Swisslube as field of experimentation for Heinz Isler’s pneumatic-form shells 

    Beckh, Matthias; Boller, Giulia; Schützeichel, Rainer (2018)
    With the various halls that Heinz Isler was able to realize for Blaser Swisslube over almost five decades, he installed what he himself called an “Isler museum” on the company premises. The paper retraces the development of his first buildings for Blaser, which date back to 1956. Firstly, the relationship between the engineer and his client, Willy Blaser, is addressed. This reveals insights into a special constellation of similar-minded, ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Principles for estimating and communicating the sustainability of intervention programs on infrastructures 

    Adey, Bryan T.; Martani, Claudio; Papathanasiou, Natalia; et al. (2018)
    Clear understanding of the impact that intervention programs have on the economic, societal and environmental sustainability of an infrastructure is a key element for infrastructure managers to decide on optimal allocation of resource for maintenance. To guarantee clear understanding of the sustainability of alternative interventions programs, engineers should quantify rigorously the impacts of interventions on all stakeholders involved ...
    Conference Paper
  3. Research projects on reservoir sedimentation and sediment routing at VAW, ETH Zurich, Switzerland 

    Albayrak, Ismail; Felix, David; Schmocker, Lukas; et al. (2018)
    Journal Article
  4. Sculptured Form, concealed Forces 

    Rinke, Mario (2018)
    Made of Concrete
    Book Chapter

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