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Recently Added 

  1. Exploring the impact of commercial wearable activity trackers on body awareness and body representations: A mixed-methods study on self-tracking 

    Boldi, Arianna; Silacci, Alessandro; Boldi, Marc-Olivier; et al. (2024)
    Computers in Human Behavior
    Wearable trackers are believed to enhance users' self-knowledge, but their impact on the relationship that people have with their own bodies is relatively unexplored. This study aims to shed light on the potential of physiological data collected by a commercial wearable activity tracker to influence how users relate with their own bodies, specifically their body awareness, body image, body consciousness, and body surveillance. Additionally, ...
    Journal Article
  2. Watch your Watch: Inferring Personality Traits from Wearable Activity Trackers 

    Zufferey, Noé; Humbert, Mathias; Tavenard, Romain; et al. (2023)
    32nd USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 23)
    Wearable devices, such as wearable activity trackers (WATs), are increasing in popularity. Although they can help to im prove one’s quality of life, they also raise serious privacy issues. One particularly sensitive type of information has re cently attracted substantial attention, namely personality, as it provides a means to influence individuals (e.g., voters in the Cambridge Analytica scandal). This paper presents the first ...
    Conference Paper
  3. Wearable Activity Trackers: A Survey on Utility, Privacy, and Security 

    Niksirat, Kavous Salehzadeh; Velykoivanenko, Lev; Zufferey, Noé; et al. (2024)
    ACM Computing Surveys
    Over the past decade, wearable activity trackers (WATs) have become increasingly popular. However, despite many research studies in different fields (such as psychology, health, and design), few have sought to jointly examine the critical aspects of utility (i.e., benefits brought by these devices), privacy, and security (i.e., risks and vulnerabilities associated with them). To fill this gap, we reviewed 236 studies that researched the ...
    Journal Article
  4. Imagine Strangers in Our Midst 

    Wang, Bodi (2021)
    Migration, Stability and Solidarity
    Book Chapter

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