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Coffee Lectures – check out our new programme

In just 15 minutes: Get useful tools and topics to support you in your daily research work – at the Coffee Lectures by the ETH Library. Read more

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    Ulrich, Ines Elisa (2024)
    Waves are excellent carriers of information. By analysing recorded wave- fields, this information can be extracted and harnessed to learn about the internal characteristics of the propagation medium. As they travel through space and time, waves span many orders of magnitude, which has lead to the extensive study of wave phenomena in many fields of science, including seismology and medical ultrasound. In both fields, a primary interest ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Against the Commons. A Radical History of Urban Planning 

    Bathla, Nitin (2024)
    Planning Theory
    Book Review
  3. Valorization of cocoa pod side streams improves nutritional and sustainability aspects of chocolate 

    Mishra, Kim; Green, Ashley; Burkard, Johannes; et al. (2024)
    Nature Food
    Chocolate production faces nutritional, environmental and socio-economic challenges present in the conventional cocoa value chain. Here we developed an approach that addresses these challenges by repurposing the often-discarded pectin-rich cocoa pod endocarp and converting it into a gel. This is done using cocoa pulp juice concentrate to replace traditional sugar from sugar beets. Although swelling of fibres, proteins and starches can ...
    Journal Article
  4. Exploring the Language Acquisition Critical Period Effect in Language Models 

    Constantinescu, Ionut-Laurentiu (2024)
    Master Thesis
  5. Pixelated High-Q Metasurfaces for in Situ Biospectroscopy and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Classification of Lipid Membrane Photoswitching Dynamics 

    Barkey M.; Büchner R.; Wester A.; et al. (2024)
    ACS Nano
    Nanophotonic devices excel at confining light into intense hot spots of electromagnetic near fields, creating exceptional opportunities for light-matter coupling and surface-enhanced sensing. Recently, all-dielectric metasurfaces with ultrasharp resonances enabled by photonic bound states in the continuum (BICs) have unlocked additional functionalities for surface-enhanced biospectroscopy by precisely targeting and reading out the molecular ...
    Journal Article

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