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  1. Hardware-In-The Loop Emulation for Agile Co-Design of Parallel Ultra-Low Power IoT Processors 

    Valente, Luca; Rossi, Davide; Benini, Luca (2021)
    Simulation of Computing Systems plays a crucial role in state-of-the-art design validation and optimization methodologies. Traditionally, Register Transfer-Level (RTL) simulation is a well-established approach to perform performance analysis as well as functional validation. However, more agile simulation and emulation methodologies are required for architectural exploration and optimization, given the always increasing complexity of ...
    Conference Paper
  2. Deterministic Distributed Vertex Coloring: Simpler, Faster, and without Network Decomposition 

    Ghaffari, Mohsen; Kuhn, Fabian (2022)
    Annual symposium on foundations of computer science
    We present a simple deterministic distributed algorithm that computes a (Delta+1)-vertex coloring in O(log(2) Delta center dot log n) rounds. The algorithm can be implemented with O(log n)-bit messages. The algorithm can also be extended to the more general (degree + 1)-list coloring problem.
    Conference Paper
  3. Public Demand for Extraterritorial Environmental and Social Public Goods Provision 

    Rudolph, Lukas; Kolcava, Dennis; Bernauer, Thomas (2022)
    British Journal of Political Science
    Vastly increased transnational business activity in recent decades has been accompanied by controversy over how to cope with its social and environmental impacts. The most prominent policy response thus far consists of international guidelines. We investigate to what extent and why citizens in a high-income country are willing to restrain companies to improve environmental and social conditions in other countries. Exploiting a real-world ...
    Journal Article
  4. Deterministic Decremental SSSP and Approximate Min-Cost Flow in Almost-Linear Time 

    Bernstein, Aaron; Gutenberg, Maximilian Probst; Saranurak, Thatchaphol (2022)
    Annual symposium on foundations of computer science
    In the decremental single-source shortest paths problem, the goal is to maintain distances from a fixed source s to every vertex v in an m-edge graph undergoing edge deletions. In this paper, we conclude a long line of research on this problem by showing a near-optimal deterministic data structure that maintains (1+epsilon)-approximate distance estimates and runs in m(1+o(1)) total update time.
    Conference Paper
  5. Constitutive modelling of fibre networks with stretch distributions. Part I: Theory and illustration 

    Britt, Ben R.; Ehret, Alexander E. (2022)
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids
    In this contribution, we propose a novel continuum mechanical concept to determine the homogenised mechanical response of random fibre networks. Their free energy is calculated as an average of the fibre free energy over the distribution of stretch, which forms the core of the new theory. The fibre-scale kinematic information contained in this distribution is intrinsic to the model and available for any state of macroscopic deformation ...
    Journal Article

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