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Recently Added 

  1. 3D nanoscale analysis of bone healing around degrading Mg implants evaluated by X-ray scattering tensor tomography 

    Liebi M.; Lutz-Bueno V.; Guizar-Sicairos M.; et al. (2021)
    Acta Biomaterialia
    The nanostructural adaptation of bone is crucial for its biocompatibility with orthopedic implants. The bone nanostructure also determines its mechanical properties and performance. However, the bone's temporal and spatial nanoadaptation around degrading implants remains largely unknown. Here, we present insights into this important bone adaptation by applying scanning electron microscopy, elemental analysis, and small-angle X-ray scattering ...
    Journal Article
  2. Temperature-dependent modulation by biaryl-based monomers of the chain length and morphology of biphenyl-based supramolecular polymers 

    Iseki T.; Mabesoone M.F.J.; Koenis M.A.J.; et al. (2021)
    Chemical Science
    Supramolecular copolymerizations offer attractive options to introduce structural and functional diversity in supramolecular polymer materials. Yet, general principles and structure-property relationships for rational comonomer design remain lacking. Here, we report on the supramolecular (co)aggregation of a phenylpyridine and bipyridine derivative of a recently reported biphenyl tetracarboxamide-based monomer. We show that both arylpyridines ...
    Journal Article
  3. PIP<inf>2</inf>-induced membrane binding of the vinculin tail competes with its other binding partners 

    Braun L.; Schoen I.; Vogel V. (2021)
    Biophysical Journal
    Vinculin plays a key role during the first phase of focal adhesion formation and interacts with the plasma membrane through specific binding of its tail domain to the lipid phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2). Our understanding of the PIP2-vinculin interaction has been hampered by contradictory biochemical and structural data. Here, we used a multiscale molecular dynamics simulation approach, in which unbiased coarse-grained ...
    Journal Article
  4. MusE GAs FLOw and Wind (MEGAFLOW) VIII. Discovery of a Mgii emission halo probed by a quasar sightline 

    Zabl J.; Bouché N.F.; Wisotzki L.; et al. (2021)
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Using deep ($11.2\, \rm{h}$) VLT/MUSE data from the MEGAFLOW survey, we report the first detection of extended $\rm{Mg\, \small {II}}$ emission from a galaxy's halo that is probed by a quasar sightline. The $\rm{Mg\, \small {II}}\, \lambda \lambda \, 2796, 2803$ emission around the z = 0.702 galaxy ($\log (M_∗/\rm{M_\odot })=10.05_{-0.11}^{+0.15}{}$) is detected out to $\approx 25\, \hbox{kpc}$ from the central galaxy and covers $1.0\times ...
    Journal Article
  5. Did increased flooding during the African Humid Period force migration of modern humans from the Nile Valley? 

    Zaki A.S.; King G.E.; Haghipour N.; et al. (2021)
    Quaternary Science Reviews
    During the Quaternary period, the eastern Sahara's hydroclimate oscillated between wet and dry intervals. These oscillations caused drastic changes in precipitation rates, often associated with ancient human migrations. In particular, significant migration of riparian populations from the Nile Valley to the west and northwestward of the Sahara occurred during the African Humid Period (AHP), an episode of increased monsoons, which characterized ...
    Journal Article

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