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Research Collection: Statistics March 2020

For the first time, the dissertation: “A laser based mercury co-magnetometer for the neutron electric dipole moment search” from 2013 appears at the top of the ranking. Read more

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Recently Added 

  1. A polariton electric field sensor 

    Togan, Emre (2020)
    Data Collection
  2. Breccias in the Cu-Mo-Au prospect of Agua Rica, Argentina 

    Landtwing, Marianne (1998)
    Master Thesis
  3. A recipe for creating ideal hybrid memristive-CMOS neuromorphic processing systems 

    Chicca E.; Indiveri G. (2020)
    Applied Physics Letters
    Review Article
  4. Granular drag force during immersion in dry quicksand 

    Zaidi, Ali A. (2020)
    Powder Technology
    Journal Article
  5. Renewable energy investment risk: An investigation of changes over time and the underlying drivers 

    Egli, Florian (2020)
    Energy Policy
    Building an energy system compatible with the Paris Agreement requires large-scale investment in renewable energy technologies (RET). Designing effective energy policies, therefore, requires an understanding of the dynamics of RET investment risk. This study draws on RET project data and 40 interviews with investors in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. We identify the five most relevant RET investment risk types (curtailment, policy, ...
    Journal Article

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