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Recently Added 

  1. Measurements of the diffuse Galactic synchrotron spectral index and curvature from MeerKLASS pilot data 

    Irfan, Melis O.; Bull, Philip; Santos, Mario G.; et al. (2022)
    21 cm intensity mapping experiments are bringing an influx of high spectral resolution observational data in the similar to 100 MHz1 GHz regime. We use pilot 971-1075 MHz data from MeerKAT in single-dish mode, recently used to test the calibration and data reduction scheme of the upcoming MeerKLASS survey, to probe the spectral index of diffuse synchrotron emission below 1 GHz within 145 degrees < alpha < 180 degrees, -1 degrees < delta ...
    Journal Article
  2. An autonomous lunar geophysical experiment package (ALGEP) for future space missions In response to Call for White Papers for the Voyage 2050 long-term plan in the ESA Science Program 

    Kawamura, Taichi; Grott, Matthias; Garcia, Raphael; et al. (2022)
    Experimental Astronomy
    Geophysical observations will provide key information about the inner structure of the planets and satellites and understanding the internal structure is a strong constraint on the bulk composition and thermal evolution of these bodies. Thus, geophysical observations are a key to uncovering the origin and evolution of the Moon. In this article, we propose the development of an autonomous lunar geophysical experiment package, composed of ...
    Journal Article
  3. Individual differences in digesta retention and their relation to chewing in cattle-A pilot investigation 

    Zhang, Xiaoyu; Li, Yang; Terranova, Melissa; et al. (2022)
    Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition
    While information on individual differences in digesta mean retention time (MRT) might be interesting when selecting phenotypes for digestive efficiency, MRT measurements are prohibitively labour-intensive for large-scale application. Therefore, more easily measured proxies of MRT might be helpful. We used the opportunity of an experiment applying saliva stimulant in cattle to investigate the effect of different individual chewing behaviour ...
    Journal Article
  4. Limited prognostic value of pain duration in non-specific neck pain patients seeking chiropractic care 

    Guillen, David; Guekos, Alexandros; Graf, Nadia; et al. (2022)
    European Journal of Pain
    Background Pain chronicity is considered an important prognostic factor for outcome. Here, it was investigated whether pain duration influences outcome when only chronic patients (pain >3 months) are considered. Secondary aims were to determine, in patients of any pain duration, how much variance in outcome is explained by pain duration and whether pain duration truly predicts outcomes, that is out-of-sample prediction in independent data. ...
    Journal Article
  5. Asynchronous current-induced switching of rare-earth and transition-metal sublattices in ferrimagnetic alloys 

    Sala, Giacomo; Lambert, Charles-Henri; Finizio, Simone; et al. (2022)
    Nature Materials
    Asynchronous sublattice magnetization switching is found in a ferrimagnetic material and understood by considering the exchange coupling and alloy microstructure.
    Journal Article

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