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Recently Added 

  1. Digital Concrete Processing: A Review 

    Wangler, Timothy (2018)
    Conference Paper
  2. Hardware-Accelerated Network Control Planes 

    Molero, Edgar Costa; Vissicchio, Stefano; Vanbever, Laurent (2018)
    Proceedings of the 17th ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks - HotNets '18
    Conference Paper
  3. Automating areas of interest analysis in mobile eye tracking experiments based on machine learning 

    Wolf, Julian; Hess, Stephan; Bachmann, David; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Eye Movement Research
    For an in-depth, AOI-based analysis of mobile eye tracking data, a preceding gaze assignment step is inevitable. Current solutions such as manual gaze mapping or marker-based approaches are tedious and not suitable for applications manipulating tangible objects. This makes mobile eye tracking studies with several hours of recording difficult to analyse quantitatively. We introduce a new machine learning-based algorithm, the computational ...
    Journal Article
  4. Online Variance Reduction for Stochastic Optimization 

    Borsos, Zalán; Krause, Andreas; Levy, Kfir Y. (2018)
    Proceedings of the 31st Conference On Learning Theory
    Modern stochastic optimization methods often rely on uniform sampling which is agnostic to the underlying characteristics of the data. This might degrade the convergence by yielding estimates that suffer from a high variance. A possible remedy is to employ non-uniform importance sampling techniques, which take the structure of the dataset into account. In this work, we investigate a recently proposed setting which poses variance reduction ...
    Conference Paper
  5. Formalizing Push-Relabel Algorithms 

    Peter Lammich; S. Reza Sefidgar (2017)
    Archive of Formal Proofs
    Journal Article

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