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Recently Added 

  1. Measurement of jet production cross sections in deep-inelastic ep scattering at HERA 

    Andreev, V.; Baghdasaryan, A.; Begzsuren, K.; et al. (2017)
    The European Physical Journal C
    Review Article
  2. Search for heavy resonances decaying to tau lepton pairs in proton-proton collisions at s√=13 TeV 

    CMS Collaboration (Vardan Khachatryan et al.) (2017)
    Journal of High Energy Physics
    Journal Article
  3. Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory, and Applications 

    Einsiedler, Manfred; Ward, Thomas (2017)
    Graduate Texts in Mathematics ~ Functional Analysis, Spectral Theory, and Applications
  4. Process-orientated learning as key aspect in handling uncertainty. Experimental teaching methods in continuing education in spatial planning 

    Grams, Anita (2017)
    Spaces of Dialog for Places of Dignity: Fostering the European Dimension of PLanning. Book of Proceedings
    Competing ideas, diverging interests, expected and unexpected interactions are key issues in spatial planning. So a planner is not only responsible for the supply of ideas in a very early phase of a process, but also to balance interests and to initiate interactions. This is a noble ambition which holds true regardless of different planning and political systems. In times of social disturbances, uncertain futures or decreasing resources, ...
    Conference Paper
  5. Stochastic dynamic models for computational psychiatry and computational neurology 

    Petzschner, Frederike H. (2017)
    Biological Psychiatry
    Journal Article

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