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ORCID author identifiers in the Research Collection

The Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) enables researchers to be identified clearly and publications attributed correctly to people – which is now possible in ETH Zurich’s Research Collection, too. Read more

National Open Access Conference 2018

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Storing and archiving data safely

Many data storage devices and certain file formats no longer run on your computer after a couple of years. So what is the most effective way to secure data and store it for a long time? ETH Library’s Digital Curation Office to the rescue! Read more

Recently Added 

  1. Microbial and host immune factors as drivers of COPD 

    Mika, Moana; Nita, Izabela M.; Morf, Laura; et al. (2018)
    ERS Monograph
    Journal Article
  2. Population-based structural identification for reserve-capacity assessment of existing bridges 

    Proverbio, Marco; Vernay, Didier G.; Smith, Ian F.C. (2018)
    Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring
    Journal Article
  3. S-Leaping: An Adaptive, Accelerated Stochastic Simulation Algorithm, Bridging τ-Leaping and R-Leaping 

    Lipková J.; Arampatzis G.; Chatelain P.; et al. (2018)
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
    Journal Article
  4. Wearable eye tracker calibration at your fingertips 

    Bâce M.; Staal S.; Sörös G. (2018)
    Eye Tracking Research and Applications Symposium (ETRA)
    Conference Paper

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