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Recently Added 

  1. Population Genomics of Fungal Plant Pathogens and the Analyses of Rapidly Evolving Genome Compartments 

    Eschenbrenner, Christoph J.; Feurtey, Alice; Stukenbrock, Eva H. (2020)
    Methods in Molecular Biology ~ Population Genomics of Fungal Plant Pathogens and the Analyses of Rapidly Evolving Genome Compartments
    Book Chapter
  2. Persistent homology in cosmic shear: constraining parameters with topological data analysis 

    Brück, Benjamin; Heydenreich, Sven; Harnois-Dérapsposted, Joachim (2020)
    Working Paper
  3. Hybrid Ubiquitous Coaching: A Novel Combination of Mobile and Holographic Conversational Agents Targeting Adherence to Home Exercises 

    Kowatsch, Tobias; Lohse, Kim-Morgaine; Erb, Valérie; et al. (2021)
    Journal of Medical Internet Research
    Background: Effective treatments for various conditions such as obesity, cardiac heart diseases, or low back pain require not only personal on-site coaching sessions by healthcare experts but also a significant amount of home exercises. However, non-adherence to home exercises is still a serious problem as it leads to increased costs due to prolonged treatments. Objective: To improve adherence to home exercises, we propose, implement, ...
    Journal Article
  4. Translates of rationals along expanding horocycles on the modular surface 

    Burrin, Claire; Shapira, Uri; Yu, Shucheng (2020)
    Working Paper

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