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Research Collection: Statistics May 2020

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Recently Added 

  1. An In-Comparator Aperture-Time Equalization in a 7nm FinFET CMOS 40Gb/s Receiver 

    Yonar, A. Serdar; Francese, Pier Andrea; Kossel, Marcel; et al. (2020)
    IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters
    Journal Article
  2. Growth and resource allocation of juvenile European beech and sycamore maple along light availability gradients in uneven-aged forests 

    Brüllhardt, Martin; Rotach, Peter; Bigler, Christof; et al. (2020)
    Forest Ecology and Management
    The success of tree regeneration in forests strongly depends on light availability. In structured uneven-aged deciduous forests with continuous cover, radiation regimes in the understorey are typically characterized by low and heterogeneous light transmittance. The competitive ability of juvenile trees in these forests is therefore linked to their shade tolerance and expressed by different growth strategies. The related growth traits ...
    Journal Article
  3. A 0.5GHz 0.35mW LDO-Powered Constant-Slope Phase Interpolator with 0.22% INL 

    Elnaqib, Ahmed; Okuhara, Hayate; Jang, Taekwang; et al. (2020)
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs
    Journal Article
  4. A first-of-its-kind multi-model convection permitting ensemble for investigating convective phenomena over Europe and the Mediterranean 

    Coppola E.; Sobolowski S.; Pichelli E.; et al. (2020)
    Climate Dynamics
    Journal Article

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