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When you have noticed a duplicate item in the Research Collection, you can now report it even more easily: Simply open the menu item “Suggest edit / report duplicate” behind the blue pencil icon on the publications’ landing page, mark the item as duplicate by activating the according checkbox and submit the form. The Research Collection team will merge the duplicates within the next two working days.

Recently Added 

  1. Model for the pedestrian fundamental diagram 

    Bosina, Ernst (2018)
  2. Attosecond photoionization dynamics in small molecules 

    Vos, Johanna (2018)
    Electronic rearrangement lies at the heart of any chemical reaction, for example bond breaking and bond formation. The molecular motions of the nuclear and electronic components typically take place on different timescales. Where nuclei move on a femtosecond timescale, the electron naturally moves across a distance of several Angstrom on an attosecond timescale. Since the development of short, intense laser pulses the possibility to ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Scaffold hopping from natural products to synthetic mimetics by holistic molecular similarity 

    Grisoni, Francesca; Merk, Daniel; Consonni, Viviana; et al. (2018)
    Communications Chemistry
    Natural products offer unexplored molecular frameworks for the development of chemical leads and innovative drugs. However, the structural complexity of natural products compared with synthetic drug-like molecules often limits the scaffold hopping potential of natural-product-inspired molecular design. Here we introduce a holistic molecular representation incorporating pharmacophore and shape patterns, which facilitates scaffold hopping ...
    Journal Article
  4. The long-term impact of employment bans on the economic integration of refugees 

    Marbach, Moritz; Hainmueller, Jens; Hangartner, Dominik (2018)
    Journal Article

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