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Recently Added 

  1. Technical note: Development and validation of an HPLC method for the quantification of tocopherols in different types of commercial cow milk 

    Niero, Giovanni; Penasa, Mauro; Berard, Joel; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Dairy Science
    Journal Article
  2. Experimental study of Krauklis wave effects in fractured media 

    Shih, Pei-Ju (2018)
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Adaptive Control System for Smart Dynamic Casting 

    Scotto, Fabio; Lloret Kristensen, Ena; Gramazio, Fabio; et al. (2018)
    CAADRIA ~ Learning, Adapting and Prototyping - Proceedings of the 23rd CAADRIA Conference, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 17-19 May 2018
    The paper describes the process control system and the fabrication-informed design tool developed for Smart Dynamic Casting (SDC) - the innovative technique that merges the process of slipforming with robotic fabrication technologies to enable greater geometrical freedom in the production of architectural components made of concrete. The paper focuses on the process parameters that characterizes the production workflow and it outlines the ...
    Conference Paper
  4. Kripke Semantics of the Perfectly Transparent Equilibrium 

    Fourny, Ghislain (2018)
    Working Paper
  5. Short communication: Development of an equation for estimating methane emissions of dairy cows from milk Fourier transform mid-infrared spectra by using reference data obtained exclusively from respiration chambers 

    Vanlierde, Amélie; Soyeurt, Hélène; Gengler, Nicolas; et al. (2018)
    Journal of Dairy Science
    Evaluation and mitigation of enteric methane (CH4) emissions from ruminant livestock, in particular from dairy cows, have acquired global importance for sustainable, climate-smart cattle production. Based on CH4 reference measurements obtained with the SF6 tracer technique to determine ruminal CH4 production, a current equation permits evaluation of individual daily CH4 emissions of dairy cows based on milk Fourier transform mid-infrared ...
    Journal Article

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