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Recently Added 

  1. Sources and nature of ice-nucleating particles in the free troposphere at Jungfraujoch in winter 2017 

    Lacher, Larissa; Clemen, Hans-Christian; Shen, Xiaoli; et al. (2021)
    Data Collection
  2. Deep brain electrical neurofeedback allows Parkinson patients to control pathological oscillations and quicken movements 

    Bichsel, Oliver; Stieglitz, Lennart H.; Oertel, Markus F.; et al. (2021)
    Scientific Reports
    Parkinsonian motor symptoms are linked to pathologically increased beta-oscillations in the basal ganglia. While pharmacological treatment and deep brain stimulation (DBS) reduce these pathological oscillations concomitantly with improving motor performance, we set out to explore neurofeedback as an endogenous modulatory method. We implemented real-time processing of pathological subthalamic beta oscillations through implanted DBS electrodes ...
    Journal Article
  3. Automated Construction of System-Focused Atomistic Models 

    Brunken, Christoph (2021)
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Mass and Environment as Drivers of Galaxy Evolution. IV. On the Quenching of Massive Central Disk Galaxies in the Local Universe 

    Zhang, Chengpeng; Peng, Yingjie; Ho, Luis C.; et al. (2021)
    The Astrophysical Journal
    The phenomenological study of evolving galaxy populations in Peng et al. has shown that star forming galaxies can be quenched by two distinct processes: mass quenching and environment quenching. To explore the mass quenching process in local galaxies, we study the massive central disk galaxies with stellar mass above the Schechter characteristic mass. In Zhang et al., we showed that during the quenching of the massive central disk galaxies ...
    Journal Article
  5. Designing bending-active gridshells as falsework for concrete shells through numerical optimization 

    Rombouts, Jef; Liew, Andrew; Lombaert, Geert; et al. (2021)
    Engineering Structures
    Shell structures are material efficient structures capable of covering large spans with minimum weight. If concrete is used as the building material for the shell, it must be initially supported by a formwork. These generally rigid formworks, and their supporting falsework structure, are time and material consuming to construct. Recently, researchers have recommended the use of elastic gridshells as falsework system. Unfortunately, the ...
    Journal Article

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