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  1. Stabilizing synthetic DNA for long-term data storage with earth alkaline salts 

    Kohll A.X.; Antkowiak P.L.; Chen W.D.; et al. (2020)
    Chemical communications (Cambridge, England)
    Journal Article
  2. Assessment of Genotoxicity in Human Cells Exposed to Modulated Electromagnetic Fields of Wireless Communication Devices 

    Schuermann D.; Ziemann C.; Barekati Z.; et al. (2020)
    Journal Article
  3. A recipe for creating ideal hybrid memristive-CMOS neuromorphic processing systems 

    Chicca E.; Indiveri G. (2020)
    Applied Physics Letters
    Review Article
  4. An Ultralow Power Burst-Chirp UWB Radar Transceiver for Indoor Vital Signs and Occupancy Sensing in 40-nm CMOS 

    Liu Y.H.; Sheelavant S.; Mercuri M.; et al. (2019)
    IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters
    Journal Article
  5. A global database of soil nematode abundance and functional group composition 

    van den Hoogen J.; Geisen S.; Wall D.H.; et al. (2020)
    Scientific Data
    Journal Article
  6. Comparison of Small Molecule Biotransformation Half-Lives between Activated Sludge and Soil: Opportunities for Read-Across? 

    Fenner K.; Screpanti C.; Renold P.; et al. (2020)
    Environmental Science and Technology
    Journal Article
  7. Dissolved Organic Matter Singlet Oxygen Quantum Yields: Evaluation Using Time-Resolved Singlet Oxygen Phosphorescence 

    Partanen S.B.; Erickson P.R.; Latch D.E.; et al. (2020)
    Environmental Science and Technology
    Journal Article
  8. Granular drag force during immersion in dry quicksand 

    Zaidi A.A. (2020)
    Powder Technology
    Journal Article
  9. Enzymatic cross-linking of pectin in a high-pressure foaming process 

    Wemmer J.; Holtgrave S.; Wiest L.; et al. (2020)
    Food & function
    Journal Article
  10. Length-Change Patterns of the Collateral Ligaments During Functional Activities After Total Knee Arthroplasty 

    Hosseini Nasab S.H.; Smith C.R.; Schütz P.; et al. (2020)
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering
    Journal Article
  11. In Vitro and In Vivo Development of the Human Airway at Single-Cell Resolution 

    Miller A.J.; Yu Q.; Czerwinski M.; et al. (2020)
    Developmental Cell
    Journal Article
  12. Activation and self-inactivation mechanisms of the cyclic oligoadenylate-dependent CRISPR ribonuclease Csm6 

    Garcia-Doval C.; Schwede F.; Berk C.; et al. (2020)
    Nature Communications
    Journal Article
  13. Low rates of mutation in clinical grade human pluripotent stem cells under different culture conditions 

    Thompson O.; von Meyenn F.; Hewitt Z.; et al. (2020)
    Nature Communications
    Journal Article
  14. Integrating urban analysis, generative design, and evolutionary optimization for solving urban design problems 

    Koenig, Reinhard; Miao, Yufan; Knecht, Katja; et al. (2019)
    Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
    Journal Article
  15. Levels of Automation in Urban Design Through Artificial Intelligence: A Framework to Characterize Automation Approaches 

    Koenig, Reinhard; Bielik, M; Dennemark, M; et al. (2020)
    Built environment
    Journal Article
  16. Language Sentiment in Fundamental and Noise Trading: Evidence from Crude Oil 

    Alfano, Simon; Feuerriegel, Stefan; Neumann, Dirk (2020)
    Applied Economics
    Journal Article
  17. Digital Tools for Citizen Participation in Urban Design: Review and Trajectories for Future Research 

    Knecht, Katja; Mueller, J; Koenig, Reinhard (2019)
    Journal of urban technology
    Journal Article
  18. Conatus mathematico-philosophicus 

    Wagner, Roy (2020)
    Search Results Web results Allgemeine Zeitschrift für Philosophie
    Dies ist der Versuch einer systematischen Darstellung von Wittgensteins Philosophie der Mathematik.
    Journal Article
  19. lassopack: Model selection and prediction with regularized regression in Stata 

    Ahrens A.; Hansen C.B.; Schaffer M.E. (2020)
    The Stata Journal
    Journal Article

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