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  1. Integrated multi-omics reveals anaplerotic rewiring in methylmalonyl-CoA mutase deficiency 

    Forny P.; Bonilla X.; Lamparter D.; et al. (2023)
    Nature Metabolism
    Methylmalonic aciduria (MMA) is an inborn error of metabolism with multiple monogenic causes and a poorly understood pathogenesis, leading to the absence of effective causal treatments. Here we employ multi-layered omics profiling combined with biochemical and clinical features of individuals with MMA to reveal a molecular diagnosis for 177 out of 210 (84%) cases, the majority (148) of whom display pathogenic variants in methylmalonyl-CoA ...
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  2. Controlling light emission by a thermalized ensemble of colloidal quantum dots with a metasurface 

    Monin H.; Loirette-Pelous A.; De Leo E.; et al. (2023)
    Optics Express
    We report an experimental and theoretical study of light emission by a patterned ensemble of colloidal quantum dots (cQDs). This system modifies drastically the emission spectrum and polarization as compared to a planar layer of cQDs. It exhibits bright, directional and polarized emission including a degree of circular polarization in some directions. We introduce a model of light emission based on a local Kirchhoff law which reproduces ...
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  3. Time-dependent deformation of Wufeng-Longmaxi shale and its implications on the in situ state of stress 

    Cheng W.; Zhang X.; Jin J.; et al. (2023)
    Frontiers in Earth Science
    The stress-strain relationship in shales is generally time-dependent. This concerns their long-term deformation in unconventional reservoirs, and its influence on the in situ stress state therein. This paper presents an experimental investigation on the time-dependent deformation of the Longmaxi shale gas shale. A series of creep experiments subject the shale samples to long-term, multi-step triaxial compression. It is found that the shale ...
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  4. Harmonization and standardization of nucleus pulposus cell extraction and culture methods 

    Basatvat, Shaghayegh; Bach, Frances C.; Barcellona, Marcos N.; et al. (2023)
    JOR Spine
    Background: In vitro studies using nucleus pulposus (NP) cells are commonly used to investigate disc cell biology and pathogenesis, or to aid in the development of new therapies. However, lab-to-lab variability jeopardizes the much-needed progress in the field. Here, an international group of spine scientists collaborated to standardize extraction and expansion techniques for NP cells to reduce variability, improve comparability between ...
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  5. Noise sensitivity of percolation via differential inequalities 

    Tassion, Vincent; Vanneuville, Hugo (2023)
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
    Consider critical Bernoulli percolation in the plane. We give a new proof of the sharp noise sensitivity theorem shown by Garban, Pete, and Schramm (Acta Math. 205 (2010), 19-104). Contrary to the previous approaches, we do not use any spectral tool. We rather study differential inequalities satisfied by a dynamical four-arm event, in the spirit of Kesten's proof of scaling relations in Kesten (Comm. Math. Phys. 109 (1987), 109-156). We ...
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  6. ISPY: NACO Imaging Survey for Planets around Young stars: The demographics of forming planets embedded in protoplanetary disks 

    Cugno G.; Pearce T.D.; Launhardt R.; et al. (2023)
    Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Context. Planet formation is a frequent process, but little observational constraints exist about the mechanisms involved, especially for giant planets at large separation. The NaCo-ISPY large program is a 120 night L ²-band direct imaging survey aimed at investigating the giant planet population on wide orbits (a > 10 au) around stars hosting disks. Aims. Here we present the statistical analysis of a subsample of 45 young stars surrounded ...
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  7. Cenozoic exhumation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East 

    Lanari R.; Boutoux A.; Faccenna C.; et al. (2023)
    Earth-Science Reviews
    We investigate the processes driving spatial-temporal patterns of Cenozoic exhumation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East by compiling >7300 published low-temperature thermochronometric ages and converting them into exhumation rates through a formal inversion process based on thermal modeling and closure temperature kinetics. Exhumation rates are resolved using piecewise-continuous spatial variability and timesteps of five million ...
    Review Article
  8. Estimating the 3D structure of the Enceladus ice shell from Flexural and Crary waves using seismic simulations 

    Marusiak A.G.; Tharimena S.; Panning M.P.; et al. (2023)
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters
    A seismic investigation on Saturn's moon Enceladus could determine the thickness of the ice shell, along with variations from the mean thickness, by recovering phase and group velocities, and through the frequency content of surface waves. Here, we model the Enceladus ice shell with uniform thicknesses of 5 km, 20 km, and 40 km, as well as with ice topography ranging from 5-40 km. We investigate several approaches for recovering the mean ...
    Journal Article
  9. Flares detected in ALMA single-dish images of the Sun 

    Skokic I.; Benz A.O.; Brajša R.; et al. (2023)
    Astronomy & Astrophysics
    Context. The millimeter and submillimeter radiation of solar flares is poorly understood. Without spatial resolution, millimeter emission cannot be easily compared to flare emission in other wavelengths. Though the Atacama Large Millimeter-submillimeter Array (ALMA) offers sufficient resolution for the first time, ALMA cannot be used on demand to observe when a flare occurs, and when used as an interferometer, its field of view is smaller ...
    Journal Article
  10. “Quantifying the implications of behavioral changes induced by digitalization on energy transition: A systematic review of methodological approaches” 

    Stermieri L.; Kober T.; Schmidt T.J.; et al. (2023)
    Energy Research and Social Science
    Digitalization is expected to play an important role in mitigating environmental issues and supporting the energy transition to meet future energy and climate targets. To understand the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications in the energy transition, a prior understanding of their implications on user behavior and energy consumption is essential to identify and prevent potential rebound effects. With a systematic ...
    Review Article
  11. Facilitated machine learning for image-based fruit quality assessment 

    Knott M.; Perez-Cruz F.; Defraeye T. (2023)
    Journal of Food Engineering
    Image-based machine learning models can be used to make the sorting and grading of agricultural products more efficient. In many regions, implementing such systems can be difficult due to the lack of centralization and automation of postharvest supply chains. Stakeholders are often too small to specialize in machine learning, and large training data sets are unavailable. We propose a machine learning procedure for images based on pre-trained ...
    Journal Article
  12. Phase Separation in Biology and Disease; Current Perspectives and Open Questions 

    Boeynaems S.; Chong S.; Gsponer J.; et al. (2023)
    Journal of Molecular Biology
    In the past almost 15 years, we witnessed the birth of a new scientific field focused on the existence, formation, biological functions, and disease associations of membraneless bodies in cells, now referred to as biomolecular condensates. Pioneering studies from several laboratories [reviewed in1–3] supported a model wherein biomolecular condensates associated with diverse biological processes form through the process of phase separation. ...
    Review Article
  13. Assessment of the interactions between pea and salivary proteins in aqueous dispersions 

    Assad-Bustillos M.; Cázares-Godoy A.C.; Devezeaux de Lavergne M.; et al. (2023)
    Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies
    To understand and limit the unpleasant oral sensation of astringency felt during the consumption of pea-based drinks, we investigated the interaction between mixtures of salivary and pea proteins, as compared to mixtures where HEPES buffer (at pH 6.8) was used as a negative control for saliva. Since astringent compounds have the ability to bind with salivary proteins, mixes of freshly collected whole unstimulated saliva and a pea protein ...
    Journal Article
  14. The environmental fate of nanoplastics: What we know and what we need to know about aggregation 

    Pradel A.; Catrouillet C.; Gigault J. (2023)
    The presence of nanoplastics in the environment has been proven. There is now an urgent need to determine how nanoplastics behave in the environment and to assess the risks they may pose. Here, we examine nanoplastic homo- and heteroaggregation, with a focus on environmentally relevant nanoplastic particle models. We made a systematic analysis of experimental studies, and ranked the environmental relevance of 377 different solution ...
    Journal Article
  15. The ZuCo benchmark on cross-subject reading task classification with EEG and eye-tracking data 

    Hollenstein N.; Tröndle M.; Plomecka M.; et al. (2023)
    Frontiers in Psychology
    We present a new machine learning benchmark for reading task classification with the goal of advancing EEG and eye-tracking research at the intersection between computational language processing and cognitive neuroscience. The benchmark task consists of a cross-subject classification to distinguish between two reading paradigms: normal reading and task-specific reading. The data for the benchmark is based on the Zurich Cognitive Language ...
    Journal Article
  16. Autorepression-Based Conditional Gene Expression System in Yeast for Variation-Suppressed Control of Protein Dosage 

    Azizoğlu A.; Loureiro C.; Venetz J.; et al. (2023)
    Current Protocols
    Conditional control of gene expression allows an experimenter to investigate many aspects of a gene's function. In the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a number of methods to control gene expression are widely practiced, including induction by metabolites, small molecules, and even light. However, all current methods suffer from at least one of a set of drawbacks, including need for specialized growth conditions, leaky expression, ...
    Journal Article

    Thiermann, Alfredo (2022)
    Journal Article
  18. Water and Ethanol as Refrigerant Mixture Enabling Adsorption Cooling below 0 degrees C 

    Lache, Marten; Kappelhoff, Christoph; Seiler, Jan; et al. (2023)
    Energy Technology
    Adsorption chillers can avoid two types of greenhouse gas emissions from conventional cooling technologies: energy-related emissions by utilizing waste heat and refrigerant leakage-related emissions by employing the natural refrigerant water. However, water restricts the minimal cooling temperature to its freezing point. To overcome this limitation, herein, a boiling antifreeze in adsorption chillers is proposed. For this purpose, a ...
    Journal Article
  19. Design, characterization and preliminary usability testing of a portable robot for unsupervised therapy of hand function 

    Ranzani R.; Albrecht M.; Haarman C.J.W.; et al. (2023)
    Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering
    Introduction: There is evidence that increasing therapy dose after stroke might promote recovery. Unfortunately, in clinical practice, therapy dose is limited by financial and organizational constraints. Simple robotic devices could be used without supervision in the clinic or at home to increase dose without requiring additional resources. For this purpose, we developed HandyBot, a portable three-degrees-of-freedom end-effector haptic ...
    Journal Article
  20. Older adults' needs and requirements for a comprehensive exergame-based telerehabilitation system: A focus group study 

    Seinsche J.; de Bruin E.D.; Carpinella I.; et al. (2023)
    Frontiers in Public Health
    Introduction: Telerehabilitation in older adults using information and communication technologies (ICTs) provides therapy, which is potentially equally effective as traditional rehabilitation, yet more accessible. This study aimed to analyze the needs and requirements of older adults (OA) and healthcare-professionals (HP) toward ICTs and telerehabilitation in general as well as toward a specific novel exergame-based telerehabilitation ...
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