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  1. Architekturtheorie 

    Stalder, Laurent (2020)
    Elemente einer baukulturellen Allgemeinbildung
    Book Chapter
  2. Hyperconfort / Hypercomfort 

    Stalder, Laurent (2020)
    Edited Volume
  3. Clustering Under Perturbation Stability in Near-Linear Time 

    Agarwal, Pankaj K.; Chang, Hsien-Chih; Munagala, Kamesh; et al. (2020)
    40th IARCS Annual Conference on Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science
    We consider the problem of center-based clustering in low-dimensional Euclidean spaces under the perturbation stability assumption. An instance is α-stable if the underlying optimal clustering continues to remain optimal even when all pairwise distances are arbitrarily perturbed by a factor of at most α. Our main contribution is in presenting efficient exact algorithms for α-stable clustering instances whose running times depend near-linearly ...
    Book Chapter
  4. Stochastik 2 – Von der Standardabweichung bis zur Beurteilenden Statistik 

    Barot, Michael; Hromkovič, Juraj (2020)
  5. MAN transFORMS. Entrance floor axonometric drawing 

    Stalder, Laurent; Korn, Samuel (2020)
    Architecture Itself and other Postmodernization Effects
    Book Chapter
  6. Über N-01. Laurent Stalder im Gespräch mit Simone Büsch-Küng 

    Stalder, Laurent (2020)
    Sarah Oppenheimer: N-01
    Book Chapter
  7. Adam Caruso e Cino Zucchi dialogano su Asnago e Vender 

    Caruso, Adam; Zucchi, Cino (2020)
    Asnago e Vender a Milano
    Book Chapter
  8. Forward 

    Caruso, Adam (2020)
    Ideas of Ambiente; History and Bourgeois Ethics in the Construction of Modern Milan 1881-1969
    Book Chapter
  9. Undermining the Unspoken Rules 

    Thomas, Helen (2020)
    When Architecture Takes Form, Flanders Architectural Review no. 14
    Book Chapter
  10. One Step Removed, Reflections on Some Drawings 

    Allen, Stan (2020)
    Situated Objects
    Book Chapter
  11. The model as a concept: the origins of the design methods of Sergio Musmeci 

    Ingold, Lukas (2020)
    Physical models
    Book Chapter
  12. The City of London 

    Thomas, Helen (2020)
    The Alternative Guide to the Boroughs of London
    Book Chapter
  13. A Principled Approach to Data Valuation for Federated Learning 

    Wang, Tianhao; Rausch, Johannes; Ce, Zhang; et al. (2020)
    Federated Learning: Privacy and Incentive 2020
    Book Chapter
  14. Efficient Processing Pathways to Create High Interface Materials 

    Schaller, R.; Hoffmann, M.; Bayles, A. V.; et al. (2020)
    Soft Matter Series ~ Bijels: Bicontinuous Particle-stabilized Emulsions
    Whereas physical chemistry and phase separation of the constituents can be used to direct the organization of multiphase materials, processing flows could be an alternative to create intricate multiphase structures. Generating interfaces on the bulk scale through traditional batch- or continuous-mixing processes is, however, energy and material intensive, and offers poor control. Here, we discuss an alternative based on interface creation ...
    Book Chapter
  15. Switzerland 

    Funk, Anne Kathrin (2020)
    Euroconstruct Country Report
    Book Chapter
  16. Synthesis of Amides from Acylboron Compounds 

    Galvez, Alberto O.; Bode, Jeffrey (2020)
    Science of Synthesis; Knowledge Updates 2020/1
    Recently, acylboronates have been shown to be applicable in the fast and chemoselective synthesis of amides. The methods covered in this section include the use of potassium acyltrifluoroborates (KATs), N-methyliminodiacetyl (MIDA) acylboronates, and monofluoro(acyl)boronates. Acylboronates are, in general, bench-stable solids that can be easily handled in the laboratory. Among them, potassium acyltrifluoroborates stand out as remarkably ...
    Book Chapter
  17. A Journey Through The Realm of Numbers 

    Einsiedler, Manfred; Aka, Menny; Ward, Thomas (2020)
  18. Magnetically and chemically propelled nanowire-based swimmers 

    Puigmartí-Luis, Josep; Pellicer, Eva; Jang, Bumjin; et al. (2020)
    Magnetic Nano- and Microwires
    Small-scale robots are motile micro- and nanodevices with a wealth of potential applications in the field of biomedicine and environmental remediation. Progress in the field of small-scale robotics is undoubtedly related to advances in materials science and micro- and nanomanufacturing. Widely employed nanoarchitectures in the fabrication of these mobile micro- and nanodevices are nanowires. Nanowires can be composed of different types ...
    Book Chapter
  19. Bezüge und Beziehungen 

    Imhof, Dora (2019)
    Sigmar Polke und die 1970er Jahre
    Book Chapter

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