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  1. "Städte müssen Abenteuerplätze für alle Bevölkerungsschichten werden.“ 

    Hartung, Elizabeth (2018)
    Neue Allianzen: Für die Gestaltung der Zukunft
    Book Chapter
  2. Pietra: per un ritorno al "fatto reale" dell‘architettura 

    Oechslin, Werner (2003)
    Biblioteca di architettura ~ Pietra: il corpo e l'immagine = Stone: matter and image
    Book Chapter
  3. Sharing Economy - teilen statt besitzen 

    von Stokar, Thomas; Martin, Peter; Zandonella, Remo; et al. (2018)
  4. Strategies for Cooling Singapore 

    Ruefenacht, Lea; Acero, Juan Angel (2017)
    The catalogue contains 86 strategies and measures for mitigating the UHI effect and/or for improving OTC. These are grouped into seven clusters: vegetation, urban geometry, water features and bodies, materials and surfaces, shading, transport, and energy. These clusters are based on strategic sectors, for example urban geometry, transport and energy, and the physical aspects, such as albedo, shading and ventilation, which influence the ...
    Edited Volume
  5. Telling stories: Historical narratives in virtual reality 

    Martínez-Dávila, Roger L.; Hodza, Paddington; Kapadia, Mubbasir; et al. (2017)
    The Routledge Research Companion to Digital Medieval Literature
    Book Chapter
  6. Ö̈ffentlich-rechtliche Medien, zivilgesellschaftliche Interessengruppen und Zuschauervertretung 

    Herzog, Christian; Zetti, Daniela (2016)
    Gesellschaft ohne Diskurs? Digitaler Wandel und Journalismus aus medienethischer Perspektive
    Book Chapter
  7. Future cities, plural? 

    Cairns, Stephen (2017)
    Future Cities Laboratory: Indicia 01
    Book Chapter
  8. Propagating Singapore’s alternative modernity 

    Cairns, Stephen (2018)
    Dense and Green Building Typologies: Research, Policy and Practice Perspectives
    Book Chapter
  9. Urban-rural systems in Asia: A research agenda 

    Cairns, Stephen (2018)
    The horizontal metropolis: Between Urbanism and Urbanisation
    Book Chapter
  10. L'Architettura Sacra, L'Espessione, La Pietra 

    Oechslin, Werner (2018)
    Architettura ~ Mario Botta, Spazio Sacro. Architetture 1966–2018
    Book Chapter
  11. "Sciographia", die vierte Darstellungsform ("species dispositionis"): Daniele Barbaro, Andrea Palladio und die Kodifizierung der Architekturzeichnung 

    Oechslin, Werner (2017)
    Daniele Barbaro 1514–1570. Vénetien, patricien, humaniste
    Book Chapter
  12. Synthesis of Phytocannabinoids 

    Schafroth, Michael A.; Carreira, Erick M. (2017)
    Progress in the chemistry of organic natural products ~ Phytocannabinoids
    Book Chapter
  13. Quantified Self – Schnittstelle zwischen Lifestyle und Medizin 

    Meidert, Ursula; Scheermesser, Mandy; Prieur, Yvonne; et al. (2018)
    Edited Volume
  14. Ascorbic Acid Biofortification in Crops 

    George, Gavin M.; Ruckle, Michael E.; Abt, Melanie R.; et al. (2018)
    Ascorbic Acid in Plant Growth, Development and Stress Tolerance
    Book Chapter
  15. The Grand Projet Politics of the Urban Age: Urban Megaprojects in Asia and Europe 

    Hanakata, Naomi C; Gasco, Anna (2018)
    Politics of the Urban Age
    Book Chapter
  16. The Singapore Grand Projet 

    Christiaanse, Kees; Gasco, Anna; Hanakata, Naomi C. (2018)
    Urban Age III (working title)
    Book Chapter
  17. The compensation capacity of Central European tree species in response to leader shoot browsing 

    Kupferschmid, Andrea D. (2017)
    Ungulates: Evolution, Diversity and Ecology
    Book Chapter
  18. Analysis of induced microseismicity at the geothermal project Schlattingen, Thurgau 

    Kraft, Toni; Herrmann, Marcus; Diehl, Tobias (2016)
  19. Seismic Risk 

    Wiemer, Stefan; Kraft, Toni; Landtwing, Delano (2015)
    TA-Swiss ~ Energy from the Earth. Deep Geothermal as a Resource for the Future?
    Book Chapter

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