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  1. Urban Elements 

    Richthofen, Aurel von (2018)
    Edited Volume
  2. Ein Weg zu automatisiertem Infrastrukturmanagement 

    Kielhauser, Clemens; Adey, Bryan T. (2018)
    Tagungsband zum 29. BBB-Assistententreffen - Fachkongress der wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter der Bereiche Bauwirtschaft, Baubetrieb und Bauverfahrenstechnik : Beiträge zum 29. BBB-Assistententreffen vom 06. bis 08. Juni 2018 in Braunschweig
    Book Chapter
  3. Model Checking Security Protocols 

    Basin, David; Cremers, Cas; Meadows, Catherine (2018)
    Handbook of Model Checking ~ Handbook of Model Checking
    Book Chapter
  4. Exploring the World with the Laser: Dedicated to Theodor Hänsch on his 75th birthday 

    Meschede D.; Udem T.; Esslinger T. (2018)
    Exploring the World with the Laser: Dedicated to Theodor Hänsch on his 75th Birthday
  5. Characterization of DNA helicases and nucleases from meiotic extracts of S. cerevisiae 

    Grigaitis R.; Susperregui A.; Wild P.; et al. (2018)
    Methods in Cell Biology
    Book Chapter
  6. From laser cooling to the superfluid mott insulator 

    Esslinger T. (2018)
    Exploring the World with the Laser: Dedicated to Theodor Hänsch on his 75th Birthday
    Book Chapter
  7. Gel-free proteomics 

    Baiwir D.; Nanni P.; Müller S.; et al. (2018)
    Proteomics in Domestic Animals: from Farm to Systems Biology
    Book Chapter
  8. Green algae and networks for adverse outcome pathways 

    Zupanic A.; Pillai S.; Schmid D.; et al. (2018)
    A Systems Biology Approach to Advancing Adverse Outcome Pathways for Risk Assessment
    Book Chapter
  9. Climate, shocks, weather and maize intensification decisions in rural Kenya 

    Bozzola M.; Smale M.; Di Falco S. (2018)
    Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa: Food Security in a Changing Environment
    Book Chapter
  10. Climate model confirmation: From philosophy to predicting climate in the real world 

    Knutti R. (2018)
    Climate Modelling: Philosophical and Conceptual Issues
    Book Chapter
  11. Protecting health privacy in the world of Big Data 

    Vayena E. (2018)
    Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics
    Book Chapter
  12. Polypeptides: PASylation and XTEN 

    Anand R.; Vallooran J. (2018)
    Engineering of Biomaterials for Drug Delivery Systems: Beyond Polyethylene Glycol
    Book Chapter
  13. Radical S-Adenosylmethionine Peptide Epimerases: Detection of Activity and Characterization of D-Amino Acid Products 

    Morinaka B.; Vagstad A.; Piel J. (2018)
    Methods in Enzymology
    Book Chapter
  14. Biosynthetic Insights of Calyculin- and Misakinolide-Type Compounds in “Candidatus Entotheonella sp.” 

    Uria A.; Piel J.; Wakimoto T. (2018)
    Methods in Enzymology
    Book Chapter
  15. Turning simulations of quantum many-body systems into a provenance-rich publication 

    Gukelberger J.; Troyer M. (2017)
    The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences
    Book Chapter
  16. Viper: A verification infrastructure for permission-based reasoning 

    Müller P.; Schwerhoff M.; Summers A. (2017)
    Dependable Software Systems Engineering
    Book Chapter
  17. Photoactivatable nucleotide cyclases for synthetic photobiology applications 

    Folcher, Marc (2017)
    Optogenetics: From Neuronal Function to Mapping and Disease Biology
    Book Chapter
  18. The ethics of big data in public health 

    Vayena, Effy; Madoff, Lawrence (2018)
    The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics
    Book Chapter
  19. Just global health: integrating human rights and common goods 

    Tasioulas, John; Vayena, Effy (2017)
    The Oxford Handbook of Global Justice
    Book Chapter
  20. Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics 

    Cohen, Glenn I.; Fernandez Lynch, Holly; Vayena, Effy; et al. (2018)
    Edited Volume

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