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  1. Pultrusion of thermoplastic composite profiles for high voltage insulators 

    Volk, Maximilian (2021)
    Pultrusion is a rapid and cost-effective manufacturing technology for continuous fibre reinforced polymer composite profiles. One of the main applications of pultruded profiles are large cross-section solid rods made from glass fibres and low viscosity thermosetting polymers used for high voltage composite insulators. %With increasing energy demands worldwide, higher voltages will require longer and larger diameter insulator profiles ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Resonant Electron Tunneling in van der Waals Heterostructures 

    Kuzmina, Anna (2022)
    Light emission in the visible and infrared spectral domains is widely utilized in telecommunication and on-chip signal processing. However, further advances in the field of optical communications require the development of light sources for photonic integrated circuits. A two-dimensional materials platform enables the fabrication of on-chip compatible light-emitting devices that additionally benefit from the unique physical properties of ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Dissection and Reassembly of Mainstream Anammox 

    Hausherr, Damian (2022)
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Prediction of Solubilities and Crystal Shapes with Molecular Dynamics Simulations 

    Bjelobrk, Zoran (2022)
    Crystallization is a paramount purification technique in the pharmaceutical industries. Typically, pharmaceutical products are crystallized from solution as crystalline powders. The growth of these crystals in solution is influenced by the choice of their growth environment such as solvent, antisolvent, and supersaturation, and is acutely complicated to model. Despite the importance in industry, crystallization phenomena are still not ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. 21st Century Data Visualization for Enhancing Student Learning 

    Rajkovic, Teodora (2022)
    Data visualization is an effective way of communicating data and information. Through the visual representation of information, students are supported in critical thinking and problem-solving. In this work, we redesign the interactive web application supporting students during the Advanced Topics in Communication Networks course project. The application is created upon an existing one, using the Python framework Dash, which provides all ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. Towards Large Scale Dense Semantic 3D Reconstruction 

    Cherabier, Ian (2022)
    With the increasing digitisation of various industries requiring digital twins for virtual interactions or simulations, the need for methods that generate 3D models is more pressing than ever. In particular, 3D reconstruction from images can play a significant part in the solution. When performed together with semantic segmentation, we obtain 3D models that display information about the nature of the scene components, which is valuable ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Tracking Changes in SARS-CoV-2 Databases 

    Muntean, Radu Alexandru (2022)
    Master Thesis
  8. What Happened in 3D 

    Chiappalupi, Daniele (2022)
    Interpreting three-dimensional scenes that change over time is an open topic at its early stages. Current research mainly focuses on marking the existence of a difference between two temporal instances of the same scene without specifying the semantics of such difference. However, providing information on what has happened in an environment that changed over time can be helpful to a user only if the generated data is informative on the ...
    Master Thesis
  9. Expression of staphylococcal enterotoxins SEB and SEC under stress conditions relevant to food production 

    Etter, Danai (2022)
    Staphylococcal food poisoning (SFP) is one of the most prevalent food intoxications. It is caused by enterotoxins of Staphylococcus aureus that are preformed in food during bacterial growth. Two staphylococcal enterotoxins (SEs) of relevance in the food con- text are enterotoxins SEB and SEC since they are highly expressed. S. aureus benefits from a growth advantage over competing microflora when hurdles such as low pH, salting, drying, ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Cloud Storage Systems: From Bad Practice to Practical Attacks 

    Haller, Miro (2022)
    Cloud storage security gained significant importance in the last decades due to the vast amount of outsourced sensitive information. Increased privacy awareness has led more and more cloud operators to adopt end-to-end encryption, removing the necessity for customers to trust the providers for data confidentiality. We analyze the cryptographic design of Mega, a cloud storage provider storing over 1000 petabytes of data for more than 243 ...
    Master Thesis
  11. Mapping Vegetation Height — Probabilistic Deep Learning for Global Remote Sensing 

    Lang, Nico (2022)
    Mapping vegetation properties globally is crucial to understand the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the global carbon cycle. Spatially explicit, high-resolution data are needed to manage terrestrial ecosystems so that climate change can be mitigated and biodiversity loss prevented. Since no current single data source can provide such data with global coverage and high spatial resolution, new solutions must be found. This thesis aims to ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Measurement and Modeling of the Role of Face Protections in the Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 with Focus on Mask Leakage and Development of a Wearable Air Quality Sensor 

    Schmitt, Jean (2022)
    Facemasks have gained a considerable news coverage during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. The use of facemasks by the general public was initially controversial as interrogations remained regarding the airborne transmission of the disease, and the ability of masks to reduce the risk of infection was under scrutiny. However, masks rapidly proved to be one of the best options to curb the spread of the COVID-19, together with distanciation measures ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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