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    Bukhari, Qasim (2017)
    Resting state fMRI aims at establishing the functional relationship between two spatially distinct brain regions based on temporal correlation of the respective signals. The method has been applied to study functional connectivity (FC) across species and was found of special value for studies in mice fMRI studies due to its experimental simplicity, which allowed eliminating confounds typically observed in stimulus-evoked fMRI studies. ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Die Entstehung der Objekte 

    Prentner, Robert (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Individual-level variation in the mating system of a self-compatible hermaphrodite 

    Bürkli, Anja (2017)
    Reproduction is one of the most basic characteristics of life itself. The specific mode of reproduction profoundly impacts almost all aspects of biology, ranging from the genetic makeup of organisms to their physiology, morphology, behavior, life history and eventually evolution. Understanding variation among individuals in their ability to reproduce has therefore been a central theme in evolutionary biology for a long time. Of particular ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. ProtoDUNE-DP---PROTOtype for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment - Dual Phase detector (Electrostatic Simulations and Performance Studies) 

    Chiu, Pin-Jung (2017)
    In search of answers to the biggest missing puzzle in the field of neutrino physics, large-scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers (LAr-TPCs) have been postulated to be the most attractive instruments for next generation neutrino observations. A state-of-the-art experiment, the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), which will utilize this LAr-TPC technology for the studies of neutrino science and proton decay, is currently in ...
    Master Thesis
  5. Differential segregation of chromosomal and non-chromosomal DNA 

    Kruitwagen, Tom (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Holistic Optimisation of Distributed Multi Energy Systems for Low Carbon Urban Areas 

    Morvaj, Boran (2017)
    More than 50% of world population lives in cities which emit almost 80% of global carbon emissions so cities are becoming focal points for low-carbon transformation and actions to mitigate climate change. With the policy objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the power sector by 80 – 95% over the next 30 years, urban energy systems are at the center of these efforts. However, decarbonizing energy systems requires addressing ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Structural Insights into Eukaryotic Translation Initiation and Re-Initiation 

    Weisser, Melanie (2017)
    During protein synthesis, the genetic information is translated into a sequence of amino acid building blocks that are sequentially attached to each other by a large ribonucleoprotein complex, the ribosome. One triplet of nucleotides translates into one amino acid. The eukaryotic ribosome can be divided into a small (40S) and a large (60S) subunit. Protein translation is initiated on the small ribosomal subunit upon forming a complex ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Elements & Success Patterns in Digital Resources 

    Rhys Müller, Benjamin (2017)
    Master Thesis
  9. Composite Bamboo and its Application as Reinforcement in Structural Concrete 

    Javadian, Alireza (2017)
    The fast pace of development in many developing countries has led to an increased demand for building and construction materials for housing and infrastructure projects. Reinforced concrete is one of the most widely used building materials around the world. Unfortunately the majority of developing countries lack the resources to produce their own steel. Steel is not without alternatives. There is a material substitute that grows in the ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Small molecule receptors involved in the metabolic syndrome 

    Wolfstädter, Bernd (2017)
    This thesis is concerned with small molecule receptors in the development of the metabolic syndrome. This thesis focuses on the most common small molecule receptor classes, the nuclear receptors and the G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Chapter 1 is concerned with the role of the nuclear receptor Retinoid-related Orphan Receptor γ (RORγ) in mature brown adipocytes. RORγ is known to be involved in adipogenesis in white adipose tissue, ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Video Object Segmentation 

    Perazzi, Federico (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Molecular Mimicry of Host Sialome by Human Pathogens to exploit Immunoregulatory Siglecs 

    Landig, Corinna Susanne (2017)
    This thesis focuses on the characterization of two human-specific pathogens that mimic host sialic acid surface structures to engage human immunoregulatory Siglec receptors. Furthermore, it explores the use of sialic acid and sialic acid-like molecules as tools and therapeutics. The first chapter introduces the different types of sialic acids and their diverse functions in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. It reviews different viral, bacterial, ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  13. Generic Programming in Space and Time 

    Ofenbeck, Georg (2017)
    The development of high performance libraries on modern hardware is extremely difficult and often requires reimplementation or retuning with every new processor generation. Program generators that produce such libraries automatically from a high level description are an appealing solution but only few exist to date. The difficulty is in both the design of the generator but also its actual implementation, which often results in an ad-hoc ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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