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  1. Carlo Mollino's male Cabinet: staging interior Masculinities (1935-1945) 

    Verhaeghe, Gerlinde Maria-Goretti M. (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Efficient Simulation of Tracer Transport in Fractured Porous Media and Data-Driven Aperture Estimation 

    Liem, Michael (2024)
    Subsurface applications such as geothermal heat extraction or CO2 sequestration are vital for solving today's energy and climate challenges. Their reservoir rock typically consists of fractured porous media, whose fractures can greatly affect flow, transport, and mechanics. Accurate and efficient modelling of the relevant physical processes and characterising the related parameters are crucial for performance estimation and risk assessment. ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Generating Platform Configuration from Netlists 

    Wehrli, Georg (2024)
    Most system software needs information about the platform they are running on. System configuration can take different forms. Creating system configuration can be tedious and error-prone. Netlists are a way to represent the connectivity of circuits. In this work we explore how we can utilize the information stored in netlists. We create an algorithm which traces wires through a netlist to determine how different parts are ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  4. Isotope-Enabled Insights into Water Fluxes in Forest Ecosystems 

    Bernhard, Fabian Alexander (2024)
    Soils play an essential role in the 'critical zone' as a temporary storage reservoir for water, providing it later for plant transpiration, evaporation, groundwater recharge, or streamflow. Soil-stored water constitutes the primary source of transpiration for trees. The size of the storage reservoir, determined by soil and root properties, is crucial to the duration it can supply transpiring vegetation. Changes in rainfall frequency and ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Software-Inspired Techniques for Digital Hardware Security 

    Solt, Flavien (2024)
    We entered an era where new hardware flourishes at an unprecedented pace and with unseen diversity. We are also living in an era where security and safety are paramount, and where the potential impact of a single bug can be catastrophic. Hence, we urgently need foundations to detect as many hardware bugs as possible before their deployment. Hardware validation is universally recognized as complex, expensive and tedious. Despite genuine ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Decentralised Flexibility in Renewable Power Systems 

    Heider, Anya (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Fast and Simple Sorting Using Partial Information 

    Hladík, Richard (2024)
    We consider the problem of sorting n totally ordered items by doing binary comparisons, given a list of m comparisons that have already been performed. This problem has been called sorting under partial information, and it has been intensely studied since 1976. We propose a simple algorithm that solves this problem in O(log T) comparisons and O(log T + n + m) time, where T is the number of total orders consistent with the pre-existing ...
    Master Thesis
  8. Hydrogeological gravity anomalies in the Bedretto tunnel 

    Schneider, Yannik (2021)
    Bachelor Thesis
  9. Evaluating the effect of vegetation in urban microclimate using remote sensing technologies 

    Dissegna, Maria A. (2024)
    At present time, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and many regions of the world are experiencing rapid urbanization. The increasing urbanization combined with the effects of climate change have resulted in the intensification of urban heat islands. Urban heat islands decrease outdoor thermal comfort and create feedback loops on energy consumption. Furthermore, the more frequent temperature extremes directly impact ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Investigations on Wood- and Wood-Hybrid-Joints and their Moisture Stability 

    Stucki, Sandro (2024)
    Wood is a highly valued, renewable resource with excellent mechanical properties. However, the natural heterogeneity of wood and its dimensional restrictions limit the use of wood in its natural state. Engineered wood products (EWP) have been developed to overcome or improve those limitations by assembling smaller wood pieces into larger structures. Especially adhesive-bonded EWPs allow for increased utilization of wood in construction ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Characterizing liquid-solid phase transitions for mechanistic model-based process design 

    Deck, Leif-Thore (2024)
    Freezing, freeze-drying and crystallization are central to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. They all involve a phase transition from the liquid to the solid, and it is the inherent complexity of this transition that renders process design challenging. This thesis aims to deepen the mechanistic understanding of the liquid-solid phase transition and to utilize the knowledge gained for rational process design. It has ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. Exploring factors influencing public acceptance of 30 km/h zones in a Swiss agglomeration town 

    Widmer, Austin (2024)
    30 km/h zones are increasingly being introduced worldwide. As a traffic calming measure, their main goals are increasing road safety and improving the local quality of stay. Despite the academic consensus on the policy’s benefits, implementations often face resistance from the public. Based on the analysis of a survey on public acceptance of 30 km/h zones (including a choice-based conjoint experiment), this Master’s thesis examines how ...
    Master Thesis
  13. 2.5D Functional Non-fouling Surface Coating for Biomedical Applications 

    Komsthöft, Tobias (2024)
    Doctoral Thesis

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