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  1. Trading with Small Nonlinear Price Impact 

    Cayé, Thomas (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  2. Transient Phosphorus Species in Combustion 

    Liang, Shuyu (2017)
    Studying the chemistry of organophosphorus compounds (OPCs) at high temperature and understanding their mechanisms have gained increasing attention in fields of fuel catalysis and flame inhibition for polymeric materials. Reactive phosphorus species produced at high temperature are kinetically unstable and known to undergo catalytic reactions which benefit the aforementioned applications. Since long characterizing these short-lived ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  3. Mechanical force modulates binding of Interleukin-7 to Fibronectin 

    Ortiz Franyuti, Daniela (2017)
    The extracellular matrix (ECM) plays an important role in cell regulation, development, and homeostasis. Not only does it provide a structural scaffold for cell migration and interaction, but also acts as a deposit for cytokines and chemokines that regulate cellular function. Cells can modify the structure, composition, and biochemical characteristics of the ECM, and are able to apply mechanical forces that can alter the ECM and it ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  4. Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments with Application to Self-Driving Vehicles 

    Schwesinger, Ulrich (2017)
    This thesis is concerned with the development of trajectory planning approaches targeting autonomous driving applications in dynamic environments shared with other traffic participants. The goal is to enable mobile robots to operate in challenging environments, characterized by narrow spaces and close proximity of other agents. With their broad range of private and commercial applications reaching from logistics to valet parking to ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  5. Design and fabrication of heterogeneous materials architectures and their applications to tissue engineering 

    Rys, Jan (2017)
    Engineered heterogeneous materials have gained a lot of research interest in recent years. Materials with locally changing physical properties possess superior properties over their homogeneous counterparts. Especially in applications with multifold functional requirements the introduction of heterogeneities unlashes its full potential. The design of engineered heterogeneous materials can be achieved by two fundamentally different approaches: ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  6. Dam Break Analysis under Uncertainty 

    Peter, Samuel J. (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  7. Elastic Full Waveform Inversion of Near-Surface Seismic Data Incorporating Topography 

    Nuber, André Marc (2017)
    Elastic full waveform inversion (FWI) is an imaging tool that can yield subsurface models of seismic velocities and density at sub-wavelength resolution. For near-surface applications (tens to hundreds of metres depth penetration), FWI is particularly valuable, because it requires no separation of different seismic phases, such as direct waves, reflections and surface waves, which is a difficult task at this scale. In contrast to conventional ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  8. Ambient seismic source inversion 

    Ermert, Laura (2017)
    Ocean waves and other phenomena occurring at the Earth’s surface interact with the Earth’s crust and cause faint seismic signals that can be measured at great distance. The sources of these ambient vibrations are of long-standing interest in seismology, both in their own right, as they carry information about environmental processes and conditions, and because they persistently probe the Earth’s interior, providing signals for nearly ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  9. Spatial propagation of landslide generated impulse waves 

    Evers, Frederic M. (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  10. Chemical Synthesis of Betatrophin and the Integral Membrane Protein IFITM3 by KAHA Ligation 

    Harmand, Thibault J.R. (2017)
    Proteins are involved in and perform a myriad of biological functions. Understanding their structures, functions and interactions with small molecules or other proteins is essential for modern day science. In recent years, proteins as therapeutics have become more and more relevant in the pharmaceutical industry, because of their low toxicity, low risk of side effects as well as their high specificity. Hence, obtaining pure and homogenous ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  11. Development of a Phase-Contrast Clinical Mammography Prototype for the In-Vivo Investigation of Breast Cancer 

    Arboleda Clavijo, Carolina (2017)
    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. Its detection in early stages increases the survival rate and thus contributes to the life quality of the patient. Currently, attenuation-based mammography is the most utilized screening technique. However, it is not capable of detecting some important malignant formations, due to small di erences in X-ray attenuation between them and healthy tissue. Phase contrast ...
    Doctoral Thesis
  12. A Novel Role for Torsins in Clearing LAP1 from Mitotic Chromatin 

    Luithle, Naemi (2017)
    Doctoral Thesis
  13. The Thin-Disk Laser for the 2S – 2P Measurement in Muonic Helium 

    Schuhmann, Karsten (2017)
    In the project presented in this thesis, a laser system for the spectroscopy of muonic helium ions has been developed. Five 2S-2P transitions were successfully measured in 2013 and 2014 using this laser system. Eventually the alpha particle and the helion charge radii will be deduced from these measurements with accuracies of few parts per thousand. These values will be benchmarks for nuclear structure theories, and bear information ...
    Doctoral Thesis

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