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  1. Geochemistry as a Control on Dissolved Organic Carbon and Dissolved Nitrogen in African Tropical Forest Soils 

    Maier, Annina (2020)
    Tropical African soils contain some of the largest worldwide soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks within the first meter of soil, making them relevant to the global carbon cycle. Here, the effect of these tropical carbon stocks on dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and dissolved nitrogen (DN) concentrations of tropical forest plateau and mid-slope soils are quantified within three geochemically distinct regions (felsic, mixed sedimentary rocks ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  2. Building a JSONiq Query Optimizer using MLIR 

    Fiebig, Martin (2020)
    Semi-structured data formats like JSON gained popularity through their ability to represent arbitrarily complex data in a way that it can easily be read and written by humans, and parsed and generated by machines. This simplicity is especially useful for applications where it is not worth to spend time in schema design and data migration. However, it comes at a price: Query execution is much slower. In this bachelor's thesis we apply ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  3. Reading ROOT Files as Apache Arrow Tables 

    Enzler, Eric (2020)
    Bachelor Thesis
  4. 3D Flight Planning and Data Analysis of Aerial Photographs taken with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

    Blöchliger, Timon (2016)
    UAVs, equipped with optical cameras and GPS, are used to obtain high quality aerial photographs. The photos are processed with photogrammetric techniques. Therefore, e"cient flight planning is required. Horizontal flight paths for photogrammetry are optimized by open source programs like the Mission Planner from Ardupilot. When the topography is mountainous or steep, the current flight planning is not ideal. For that reason, a program is ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  5. Analysis of rock slope deformation in the Grimsel pass region 

    Temperli, Annette (2019)
    In this thesis radar remote sensing data from the European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel- 1 mission were analysed to study the slope processes in the Grimsel pass region. Preliminary results have shown surface displacements at Lake Grimsel and Lake Oberaar during summer. The investigation served to assess whether there is a risk of potential slope instabilities. The Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry (DInSAR) technique was ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. Investigation of landquakes in the European Alps 

    Gygax, Mario (2020)
    The use of seismic broadband networks has proven to be a useful tool to identify and characterise landslides. In this thesis, this approach is applied to rockfalls in the European Alps and evaluated for applicability and accuracy. An amount of 82 alpine landslides between 2009 -2019 have been investigated, which were reported by newspaper articles and previous studies. The events varied in all kind of landslide typologies like rockfall ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  7. 3D geological model of a shear zone conditioned on geophysical data and geological observations 

    Hediger, Roman (2020)
    A considerable amount of research is currently conducted in Switzerland in the field of geothermal energy. That is because the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 aims to increase the percentage of them in energy production to 7% of projected energy demand. One of these places where research is done is the Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies (BULG) in Ticino. The BULG is a research facility in the Bedretto Tunnel surrounded by ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  8. Implementing the TPC-H benchmark in a dataflow platform 

    Goerens, Olivier (2020)
    An increasing number of hardware platforms and processing tools arose during the last years to handle the ever increasing amount of data. However, the vast majority of data systems only achieve their best performance for specific hardware platforms. Here, the “Collection Virtual Machine" comes into play. It works across frontend languages and hardware platforms. In this thesis, we implement the TPC-H benchmark in CVM to analyse its ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  9. Optimizing JSONiq Execution in Rumble using MLIR 

    Reber, Manuel (2020)
    Semi-structured data formats such as JSON offer the advantage of representing arbitrarily complex data in a format that can be read easily by both humans and machines. Due to their simplicity such formats are popular for applications that produce large amounts of data, where it is not clear in advance how, or even whether, the produced data will be used in the future, such that it is not worth investing effort into schema design, data ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  10. Storage Format for Almost-Homogeneous Data Sets 

    Moro, Gianluca (2020)
    JSON is a popular data format which is very flexible since no schema needs to be defined and therefore the data can also be heterogeneous. But this flexiblity comes at the price of performance. However, in practice, most data sets do not use the flexibilty of JSON to its full extend and are mostly homogeneous. We call such data sets almost-homogeneous. For almost-homogeneous data sets, the trade-off between the flexibilty and performance ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  11. Kompensation des Einflusses eines Mehrfingergreifers auf einen Kraft-Momenten-Sensor 

    Katzschmann, Robert K. (2011)
    This work addresses the analysis and compensation of the force and torque effects of a multi-finger gripper on a force-torque sensor. The gripper and the sensor are attached to a free moving multiple axis industrial robot. The problem to be solved is that external force-torque influences have to be differentiated from internal influences. With respect to all static effects, the components and their constellation are analyzed and calculated ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  12. Solving the Fisher/KPP Evolution on the Globe 

    Loher, Amélie Justine (2020)
    The Fisher equation was originally intended to model the propagation of advantageous genes. We use this reaction-diffusion equation equipped with non-local boundary conditions to model the propagation of individuals across geographical maps. These boundary condition account for a non-local "diffusion" across channels. The results represent the dispersal of the Homo Sapiens across the globe. The discretisation is based on finite element ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  13. Künstliche Lichtemissionen im Jurapark Aargau 

    Bieri, Yumi (2019)
    Künstliche Lichtemissionen haben in den letzten Jahrzehnten stetig zugenommen und bisher ist noch kein Ende dieses Trends ersichtlich. Mit den Jahren ist in der Bevölkerung, der Politik und der Wissenschaft das Bewusstsein gewachsen, dass auch Licht eine Art der Umweltverschmutzung bedeuten kann. Der Kanton Aargau und der Jurapark Aargau entwickeln momentan Strategien zum Themenbereich «Lichtemissionen» und sind an einer grundlegenden ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  14. Role-playing games as an educational tool 

    Stamm, Manuel (2017)
    The problems in today’s world are numerous, often global, and pose immense challenges to sustainable development. A recent, international response to encounter these problems was the elaboration of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, i.e. an agreement on 17 Sustainable Development Goals, signed by all members of the United Nations. One of the key enablers within Agenda 2030 is education with a focus on Education for Sustainable ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  15. Evaluation of Adversarial Attack Methods on Neural Networks 

    Ruoss, Anian (2019)
    Although deep neural networks have proven to be successful across a large variety of machine learning tasks, recent work has demonstrated that they are at the same time vulnerable to so-called adversarial examples: inputs that are almost indistinguishable from natural data but misclassified by the network. In the case of image classifiers, such adversarial examples have traditionally been constructed by perturbing the original images, but ...
    Bachelor Thesis

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