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  1. Glacial microseismic events measured with fiber-optic technology 

    Köpfli, Manuela (2019)
    Stick-slip events take place on the glacier bed during spontaneous sliding phases and provide insights into ice dynamics. They have microseismic amplitudes and frequencies from 20 to 200 Hz. These microquakes are usually recorded with seismometers. With an innovative method called Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), we recorded for the first time to record such events. For this fiber-optic technology deformations are measured along a ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  2. Declarative Power Sequencing using a CPLD 

    Hässig, Manuel (2022)
    Declarative power sequencing solves the difficult and tedious problem of bringing up and managing the power resources of a computing platform by describing the platform in a declarative model and applying constraint solving to obtain correct power sequences from the model. To date these generated power sequences are wholly executed on the board management controller (BMC). However, some platforms provide specialized hardware for the purpose ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  3. Understanding GDPR compliance of tracking pixel declarations using privacy filter lists 

    Ganz, Rita (2022)
    Tracking and data collection on the World Wide Web are ever-present. Privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, have come into effect to address user tracking. To comply with GDPR, websites use consent banners informing users about tracking and giving acceptance choices; these are server-side tracking-prevention mechanisms. Independently, ad- and trackingblockers provide client-side protection. ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  4. Real-time Board Management using an FPGA 

    Tröndle, Sarah (2021)
    Server-level computers usually have a BMC (baseboard management controller), that is responsible for setting up and maintaining an environment where all of the components of a system can function. This includes time sensitive tasks like triggering an emergency shutdown of a component or the whole system. The Enzian BMC runs based on OpenBMC, one of the few open source BMC projects. It is based on python scripts communication over D-Bus. ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  5. Characterization of Interrupt Handling in Board Management Controllers 

    Oberdörfer, Tobias (2021)
    Outside the Systems Group at ETH Zurich, there are not many research possibilities in regards to Board Management Controllers (BMC). However, research into them is nevertheless significant as BMCs are responsible for many things, one of them being the emergency response on hardware faults. Even with such a critical responsibility, the response time of the BMC interrupt handler on the Enzian system, developed at ETH, was preliminarily ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. Generating Power Management Code from Declarative Descriptions 

    Vogel, Linus Ulysses (2021)
    Power management is a problem any modern computer must solve in order to work. Sometimes, computers make use of a BMC, which solves this problem in software, however the software to do so is not generally available but proprietary. Previous work at ETH Zürich has created an algorithm to solve this problem and synthesize power sequences from a declarative specification of the system. In this thesis, I have developed a backend compiler ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  7. Mechanical Design of a Ballbot Platform 

    Skrabel, Christoph (2013)
    This thesis approaches a new mechanical design for ballbot Rezero so that the system is capable of transporting payloads up to 80 kg. The design process includes the investigation of a new ball structure with an inner form stable core and an outer friction providing layer. Furthermore, shock tolerance is achieved by the integration of a new suspension system based on a shock absorbing bicycle seatpost. Additionally, a belt or a chain drive ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  8. Extending MLIR to support SDFGs 

    Ates, Berke (2021)
    At present, the optimization of code boils down to minimizing the movement of data. DaCe achieves this by creating an intermediate representation and applying different optimizations to it. However, DaCe is currently only available for source code written in Python. Here we show that using DaCe to optimize intermediate representations results in significant performance gains. We found that the Multi- Level Intermediate Representation ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  9. On-board Power Generation for a Ground-Based Airborne Wind Energy System Using Brushless DC Generators 

    Galliker, Manuel Yves (2018)
    Due to the battery capacity, a ground-based Airborne Wind Energy has a limited flight time. An on-board power generation system could eliminate this problem and therefore increase the annual power production drastically. The main objective of this thesis is to investigate the feasibility of an on-board power generation system for a ground-based AWE-aircraft to recharge the batteries mid flight. A main focus hereby lies on using the existing ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  10. Extending DaCe to support the Scalable Vector Extension 

    Scholbe, Stefan (2021)
    SIMD is characterized by operating on arrays or vectors of data instead of individual scalar data elements. Typical systems implement this design with special vector registers and instructions that allow operating on each element in the vector at once. The Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) is a vector instruction set proposed by ARM and purposely designed for High-Performance Computing. It is an attractive target for the DaCe framework that ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  11. Noise Estimation in HPC Cloud Networks 

    Rahn, Tobias (2021)
    As computing is moved more and more to the cloud due to scalability, affordability and availability, so are high performance computing (HPC) clusters. It is expensive to build a real-world cluster that needs the scale and performance to run the highest predicted load but is not used to its full extent most of the time. Additionally, by relying on cloud services, the highly specialised workforce needed to maintain the cluster is no longer ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  12. The impact of subsidies on the operating profit in the Swiss forestry sector 

    Andersen, Daniel (2021)
    The purpose of subsidies for forestry companies is to ensure the provision of forest ecosystem services. As a negative side effect, previous studies, however, have suggested that these subsidies lower the efficiency of the companies and thus decrease their operating profit. The goal of this thesis is to investigate the impact of subsidies on the operating profit of Swiss forestry companies. Based on a regression model, the correlation ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  13. Partizipative Szenarienplanung als Strategie zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel 

    Schmid, Yuri (2021)
    Szenarien sind ein beliebtes Mittel zur Exploration möglicher Zukünfte und der Veranschaulichung der Auswirkungen von heutigem Handeln über einen langfristigen Zeithorizont. Durch Partizipation von Expert/innen und Stakeholder/innen in der Szenarienkonstruktion kann sowohl die Qualität von sozio-ökonomischen Szenarien verbessert, als auch soziales Lernen gefördert werden. Partizipative Szenarienplanung (PSP) erlebt deshalb einen Aufschwung ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  14. Set-Centric Subgraph Isomorphism 

    Kapp-Schwoerer, Lukas (2021)
    We investigate techniques for accelerating subgraph isomorphism (SI). SI is the task of finding occurrences of a pattern graph in a target graph and relevant to many practical applications. Our key idea is to use set algebra based formulations of SI. This facilitates employing set data structures to test the feasibility of partial mappings from the pattern graph to the target graph. The methods we use involve a range of algorithm variants ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  15. Accelerating BLAS with HBM on FPGAs in DaCe 

    Widmer, Jannis (2021)
    In recent years FPGAs have gained interest by the high performance community because they can allow to greatly reduce the data movement compared to typical load-store architectures. However, for memory bound operations FPGAs tend to be slow due to their limited memory performance. To solve this issue the major FPGA companies started inte- grating High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) into their devices. The DaCe Framework provides an abstraction ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  16. Online Feedback Optimization for Gas Compressors 

    Degner, Maximilian (2021)
    Gas compressor stations are vital components of natural gas pipelines. Their compressors are often arranged in parallel or serial configurations to achieve a designated mass flow or pressure ratio. The machines have different, time-varying performance characteristics and by applying carefully chosen inputs to them, the station’s energy consumption of can be reduced. In the industry, a two-step real-time optimization method is frequently ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  17. Self-cleaning Preliminary Screening Mechanisms to Improve Health and Wastewater Treatment Efficiency in Low-income Countries 

    Luz, Ludwig (2021)
    The first process step in a wastewater treatment plant is generally screening. A screen can be described as a coarse sieve, designed to prevent large solids (such as pieces of wood, plastic waste and hygiene products) from entering the plant and possibly damaging subsequent treatment equipment. Screens can be classified regarding their aperture size and cleaning mechanisms. Mechanically-cleaned screens are most common in industrialized ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  18. Online Feedback Optimization for Minimal Curtailment of Renewable Generation with Real Data 

    Matt, Jonas Gebhard (2021)
    The increasing integration of distributed energy sources into low-voltage distribution networks and of photovoltaic systems in particular poses new challenges to power grid operators. Excessive distributed generation can result in overvoltages at certain distribution feeders and may consequently lead to system damages. As an alternative to physical grid reinforcement, reactive power control (Volt/VAr control) has been shown to be an ...
    Bachelor Thesis

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