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  1. Role-playing games as an educational tool 

    Stamm, Manuel (2017)
    The problems in today’s world are numerous, often global, and pose immense challenges to sustainable development. A recent, international response to encounter these problems was the elaboration of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, i.e. an agreement on 17 Sustainable Development Goals, signed by all members of the United Nations. One of the key enablers within Agenda 2030 is education with a focus on Education for Sustainable ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  2. Evaluation of Adversarial Attack Methods on Neural Networks 

    Ruoss, Anian (2019)
    Although deep neural networks have proven to be successful across a large variety of machine learning tasks, recent work has demonstrated that they are at the same time vulnerable to so-called adversarial examples: inputs that are almost indistinguishable from natural data but misclassified by the network. In the case of image classifiers, such adversarial examples have traditionally been constructed by perturbing the original images, but ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  3. GPR Imaging of Shear Zones in Crystalline Rock at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Laaksonlaita, Niko (2015)
    Bachelor Thesis
  4. Development of a controller enabling a Tilting Rotor Hexacopter to move omnidirectionally on a wall 

    Wulkop, Paula (2017)
    The goal of this bachelor thesis is to enable a special unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to make a transition from flying in the air to driving on a wall. For this, the Voliro hexacopter has been used as platform. Thanks to its tiltable rotors it can produce forces and moments in all directions and therefore hover in any arbitrary orientation. It is able to drive on the wall by flying vertically while at the same time pressing itself against ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  5. Control Allocation of a Tilting Rotor Hexacopter 

    Elkhatib, Omar (2017)
    The ”Voliro” system developed during a one-year student project at ETH Zurich, is a novel concept of a rotary-wing UAV, designed as a multicopter with a classical planar configuration, whereby the thrust motors can be tilted around their axes. This allows the system to decouple position and orientation as well as move omnidirectionally. This bachelor thesis adapts the allocation method used within the project to tackle specific critical ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. System Identification of the Crazyflie 2.0 Nano Quadrocopter 

    Förster, Julian (2015)
    Bachelor Thesis
  7. Comparative Assessment of Cisgenic Apple Genotypes 

    Logo, Anja (2017)
    Bachelor Thesis
  8. Raumplanerische Perspektiven des gemeinnützigen Wohnungsbaus in Basel 

    Thiyagalingam, Gumanan (2016)
    Bachelor Thesis
  9. Deep Learning for Go 

    Rosenthal, Jonathan (2016)
    Bachelor Thesis
  10. Dynamik der Preisstrukturen im Luftverkehr 

    Hüni, Claudio; Merz, Matthias (2007)
    Die Preisstrukturen im Luftverkehr führen oft zu Verwirrungen bezüglich Tarifen, Ticketklassen und Verfügbarkeiten. In der Arbeit werden, gemäss einer Literaturrecherche, einige Ansätze der dynamischen Preisbildung beschrieben. Ein praktischer Teil beschäftigt sich mit einer Auswertung von Preisaufzeichnungen für Flüge in 70 europäischen Märkten. Da diese Daten lückenhaft sind, wurde ein Vorgehen zur Datenaufbereitung entwickelt. Bei ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  11. Role of Initial Soil Moisture in the UK Floods of Winter 13/14 

    Tobler, Kaspar (2016)
    Bachelor Thesis
  12. Congestion-aware Simulation of Large-scale HPC Networks 

    Maag, Daniel (2016)
    Bachelor Thesis
  13. Agenten-basierte Modellierung der Fahrzeugflottendynamik 

    Buschor, Oliver (2015)
    Bachelor Thesis
  14. Seismische Stratigraphie der Walchenseesedimente 

    Landtwing, Delano (2009)
    Bachelor Thesis

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