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  1. Die Sicherheitspolitik der Schweizer Jungparteien 

    Schlegel, Florian Christoph (2023)
    Die zunehmende Instabilität der Sicherheitslage im Umfeld der Schweiz und die Rückkehr des Krieges auf europäischen Boden zwingen die politischen Parteien zu einer graduellen Neupositionierung in deren Sicherheitspolitik. Diese Arbeit fokussiert sich auf die Jungparteien («Generation Z»), welche einen historischen Bedeutungszuwachs erleben und in einem als unsicher wahrgenommenen Umfeld aufgewachsen sind, woraus sich die Forschungsfrage ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  2. Catching Message Derivation Modelling Errors in Tamarin during Preprocessing 

    Schneider, Jérôme (2023)
    Security protocols have become a central part of many aspects of our digital life. Naturally, we want these protocols to be provably secure. Manual verification is unreliable, and automated tools have been on the rise. The Tamarin prover is an automated tool for verification of protocols. It allows users to define a protocol, its security properties and then tries to automatically verify those properties. Tamarin offers the user a lot ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  3. Analyses of tree regeneration after wind throw in a central Swiss forest: testing a forest succession model’s abilities 

    Zweifel, Samuel (2023)
    Understorey vegetation plays an important role in forest succession. After stand replacing events (e.g., wind storm, forest fire), understorey vegetation can expand very quickly and compete with tree regeneration. This can severely reduce and retard tree regeneration due to competition for resources (e.g., light, water, nutrients). However, understorey vegetation is often not explicitly taken into account in forest succession models. The ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  4. Improving Market Wash Stations Through Creative and Contextual Design in Durban, South Africa 

    Mechael, Celine Nabil Me (2022)
    Safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices are essential in mitigating the spread of infectious diseases, yet access to adequate handwashing infrastructure remains poor for many in the Global South. This disparity was particularly felt by informal workers in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic, as informal workspaces generally lack basic access to clean water and hygiene facilities. Although handwashing is an effective way to stop ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  5. Greening the Internet by putting networks to sleep 

    Furrer, Andri (2022)
    Today’s network topologies are designed to withstand peak traffic and network failures. That results in a more extensive redundancy than needed for operating the network safely during the regular or underused operation. This project aims to determine to what extent redundancy can be reduced without compromising the functionality of the network.
    Bachelor Thesis
  6. Investigating the behavior of advanced automated systems in vehicle-platoons through empirical observations 

    Brunner, Johannes S. (2021)
    The thematic focus of this Bachelor thesis is laid on investigations into the behavior of automated vehicle systems. In recent years, apart from the already commercially available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), an upcoming system called Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC) has been developed to control the speed of vehicles. The goal of this work is to compare the behavior of these systems on the basis of empirical data from ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  7. Evaluation of Xilinx Versal Device 

    Wierse, Max (2023)
    The ”Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform” from AMD/Xilinx combines a classical FPGA part with a CGRA part, the so-called AI Engines, to open up new ways to increase the performance of powerful computers. While ACAP based devices are now available for end users, it is still unclear what the actual capabilities of these devices are and how to use them most effectively. As the first step of this thesis, we examined the provided API and ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  8. Existence of SRB measures in chaotic random motions: a graph transform approach 

    Gerber, Damian (2022)
    SRB measures present a useful class of invariant measures that help understand the chaotic nature of random dynamical systems. Inspired by a paper from Alex Blumenthal and Lai-Sang Young from 2018 titled ”Equivalence of physical and SRB measures in random dynamical systems” this BSc project discusses the existence of SRB measures in chaotic random motions. We look at an innovative geometric construction of SRB measures via a graph transform ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  9. Navigating the Latent Space of Simulation Data via Deep Reinforcement Learning 

    Herter, Johannes (2022)
    Latent sequential prediction for complex equations such as predicting fluid flows from a set of reduced parameters often results in drifting and accumulated error in theory and practice. Over prolonged time spans, this can lead to a polynomial increase in prediction errors which in turn can cause instability of the underlying time integration. In the present work, we propose a general framework based on imitation learning to robustly ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  10. The Development of a Recycled Plastic Wheel for Cardboard Collector Trollies - Improving the working conditions of informal cardboard recyclers in Durban, South Africa 

    Köttering, Fynn (2022)
    A large proportion of the global working population has jobs with poor working conditions and in- adequate governmental support. A typical example of such occupations are waste pickers, who earn their living by collecting and reselling recyclable waste material. Specifically, this thesis focuses on cardboard recyclers in Durban, South Africa, and the NGO AeT, who works with these recyclers and tries to improve their working conditions and ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  11. Low-cost compost screening technology to improve trash separation 

    Venetz, Nicolas (2022)
    Bachelor Thesis
  12. Automatic Inference of Stream Semantic Registers in LLVM 

    Rupf, Thomas (2022)
    Bachelor Thesis
  13. Feasibility of Waste Maize Husk Valorization as a Plastic Plate Replacement in Durban, South Africa 

    Loos, Sebastian (2022)
    The zero-waste project at the Warwick Junction area of Durban, South Africa promotes alternative solutions for local solid waste management. Asiye eTufelani, a local NGO and driving force of the project, has identified two unsustainable material flows that included waste maize husks generated at a local mealie (maize cobs) cooking site and polystyrene food packaging distributed at the markets. This study investigates the management, and ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  14. High-speed rail and its competitors on long-distance travel in Western Europe 

    Deutschel, Jakob L. (2022)
    High-speed rail has proven to be a viable and eco-friendly mode of transport on long-distance travel, challenging high-emission modes like the airplane or the privately owned car. This thesis is centred around the question of how a substantial mode shift from the mentioned high-emission modes to high-speed rail could be achieved in Western Europe. Firstly, different cases of highspeed rail lines across Europe were looked at in a literature ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  15. Sustainable Operation and Thermal Concept for SpaceHopper 

    Krasnova, Elena (2022)
    SpaceHopper is a three-legged, 5 kg heavy robot developed for the exploration of low gravity environments, with its main focus being the exploration of asteroids. To function in the extreme environment and maximise the science return of a mission, the robot must be able to function for as long as possible while keeping its temperature within the operating limits of the onboard electronics. This work describes the development of insulation, ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  16. Bringing Quantization to the Transfer Learning World 

    Hussein, Mahmoud (2022)
    Bachelor Thesis
  17. Optimization for pixel farming 

    Keller, Michael (2022)
    This thesis explores three optimization methods for pixel farming, a farming method that attempts to utilize the benefits of intercrop effects within a single field. By reducing a one dimensional version of the problem to finding Hamiltonian Paths, we demonstrate the NP-completeness of the general problem. Further we develop three methods for exploring the large search space. The first method relaxes the pixel farming problem to a fractional ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  18. Optimizing geodetic VLBI Simulation Parameters using Swarm Intelligence 

    Wicki, Juliette (2021)
    Mit Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) kann die Differenz der Ankunftszeit eines Signals gemessen werden, um geodätische Parameter wie die Erdorientierungsparameter zu bestimmen. Das empfangene Signal, das von extragalaktischen Quellen ausgesendet wird, ist sehr schwach, weshalb grosse Teleskope und eine hohe Samplingrate notwendig sind. Aus diesem Grund sind VLBI-Messungen zeitintensiv und teuer sowie Simulationen unumgänglich. Das ...
    Bachelor Thesis
  19. Prediction of atmospheric parameters from GNSS observations and weather models with machine learning 

    Halbheer, Mike (Michelle) (2021)
    Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) experience various delays as their signals propagate through the Earth’s atmosphere. Some sources of error, such as the ionospheric delay, can be accounted for with relative ease. Delays caused by the lowest atmospheric layer, the troposphere, however, are challenging to predict accurately due to their high spatial and temporal variability. Tropospheric delays depend on weather conditions, allowing ...
    Bachelor Thesis

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