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  1. Der Überfall auf Xuan Ngoc - Ein vergessenes Kriegsverbrechen 

    Berni, Marcel (2016)
    Die folgenden Ausführungen basieren auf den Prozessakten zum Kriegsverbrechen von Xuan Ngoc, von denen Kopien im amerikanischen Nationalarchiv in College Park (Maryland) erhalten sind. Zudem stützt sich der vorliegende Aufsatz auf die Enthüllungen des Journalisten Normand Poirier, der das Verbrechen im Jahr 1969 publik machte. Nur dank Poiriers investigativer Recherche und der Tatsache, dass Bui Thi Huong das Vergehen überlebte, wurden ...
    Other Publication
  2. Iodine supplementation in pregnant women and child neurodevelopment Reply 

    Zimmermann, Michael B. (2018)
    Other Publication
  3. Swarm parameter measurement in hydrogen, considering secondary photonic electron emission 

    Hösl, Andreas; Franck, Christian M. (2018)
    Discharges in hydrogen at pressures above $1\,$kPa and a reduced electric field of $E/N=100-200\,$Td show a characteristic current oscillation in Pulsed Townsend experiments. This is explained by secondary emission of electrons from the photo-cathode: some hundreds of nano-seconds after the laser-pulse that released the initial $10^4-10^6$ primary electrons, secondary electrons are emitted from the cathode. Mechanisms discussed in literature ...
    Other Publication
  4. Special Preview of Frank Loyd Wright at MoMA 

    Mentasti, Federica (2017)
    Review of the Exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: unpacking the Archive" held at MoMA from June to October 2017. The article reports my experience as graduate fellow for the Society of Architectural Historians in occasion of the Study Day organised on June 2nd 2017 and during which curators offered an exclusive insight behind the scenes of the exhibition's management.
    Other Publication
  5. Managing Startup Suppliers 

    Wagner, Stephan M.; Kurpjuweit, Stefan; Choi, Thomas Y. (2017)
    CAPS Research
    Other Publication
  6. The Wickedness of Collaborative Engagement Crossing Boundaries for Collaboration: Conservation and development projects in the Amazon 

    Ghazoul, Jaboury (2018)
    Biotropica : the journal of tropical biology and conservation
    Book Review
  7. Rolling in the Deep: Tectonically-triggered sediment and carbon export to the Hadal zone 

    Bao, Rui; Strasser, Michael; McNichol, Ann; et al. (2017)
    Geophysical Research Abstracts
    Other Publication
  8. Collaboration entre les acteurs de l’économie et de la formation 

    Renold, Ursula (2017)
    ODEC Bulletin
    Newspaper Article
  9. Aufschwung voraus 

    Ohanian, Mathias (2017)
    Interview von Klaus Abberger
    Newspaper Article
  10. Hier Fotografiert Juergen Teller 

    Kunsmann, Jeannette (2017)
    Other Publication
  11. Space Exploration: In conversation with 6a architects Cataloge 

    Hale, Andrew (2017)
    Other Publication
  12. How to Master the Climate Labyrinth 

    Bretschger, Lucas (2017)
    Diplomatic Courier
    Other Publication
  13. Identifying slope processes over time and their imprint in soils of medium-high mountains of Central Europe (the Karkonosze Mountains, Poland) 

    Waroszewski, Jaroslaw; Egli, Markus; Brandová, Dagmar; et al. (2018)
    Other Publication
  14. Man romantisiert das Gewesene 

    Caminada, Gion A. (2017)
    Die Südostschweiz
    Newspaper Article
  15. Auszeichnung guter Baukultur Kanton Luzern 2005 bis 2016 

    xx (2017)
    Seite: 98 Fotograf: Heinrich Helfenstein
    Other Publication
  16. for now or forever - Swiss Pavilions 3. Mai-23. Juli 2017 - Geborgenheit - Shelter 

    Hollenstein, Roman (2017)
    Pavillon Le Corbusier Stadt Zürich, Kultur
    Other Publication
  17. Field and Service Robotics: Results of the 11th International Conference 

    Hutter, Marco; Siegwart, Roland (2017)
    Other Publication
  18. Climate Change & Environment: Health 

    Lechthaler, Filippo; Wyss, K. (2017)
    Other Publication

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