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  1. The Worm Algorithm for the CP(N-1) Model 

    Vetter, Roman (2011)
    The problem of critical slowing down is reviewed and a comprehensive description of how to measure the efficiency of Monte Carlo algorithms in practice is given. Special regard is paid to the O(N) and CP(N-1) models. The dynamic critical exponents of Wolff's single-cluster algorithm are determined on the two-dimensional O(3) and CP(3) models to confirm its efficiency on the former and inefficiency on the latter. The idea of worm ...
    Student Paper
  2. Currency target zones as mirrored options 

    Lera, Sandro Claudio; Leiss, Matthias; Sornette, Didier (2017)
    Student Paper
  3. Geometrical Modeling of a Historic Bell Tower 

    Baumann, Martin; Hadorn, Patrick (2016)
    Student Paper
  4. CLAIRE 

    Reggio, André Pascal Francis (2017)
    CLAIRE is nothing yet. Notwithstanding it is so important that it received a name. The project is complex, the innovative concept carries different aspects so that it has been decided to use ’CLAIRE’ when one means to speak about the whole idea. In general CLAIRE is a knowledge management tool, naively CLAIRE is a program, a platform, a scientific map, etc. Until there, the reader may be careful to the abusive use of ”is”: it does not ...
    Student Paper
  5. The Comfort of Urban Cores: Understanding the Development, Qualities and Livability of Altstetten 

    Meuche, Alexandra; Westerhuys, Thorben (2017)
    Altstetten is one of the most rapily changing districts in the city of Zürich. Being crucial to Zürich’s future development, Altstetten’s spatial development as well as perception are of great interest. It offers a wide variety of characteristics, from a work-driven office district to a calm living area and busy industrial areas turning into lively mixed-used residential zones. During a short-term study during the summer of 2017 we ...
    Student Paper
  6. CEU (Centros Educacionair Unificados) : Translating socio-democratic values through the formation of community integrated educational spaces 

    Clements, Brigitte (2017)
    The CEUs, or Unified Education Centres (Centros de Educacao Unificados) are public facilities conceived as local centres of urban life, located in the peripheral and disenfranchised areas of São Paulo, Brazil. The facilities are intended for education, culture and sport and are for both school students and the surrounding community. The centres were developed by the Municipal Buildings Department (EDIF), and designed by the architects ...
    Student Paper
  7. Schemes for Anti-Jamming Broadcast Communication 

    Yu, Der-Yeuan (2011)
    Student Paper
  8. Particle simulation of fluid-solid interactions 

    Sidler, Hansjörg (2004)
    Student Paper
  9. Antimon- und Bleibelastung bei Schiessanlagen 

    Gresch, Markus; Wettstein, Beni (2002)
    Student Paper
  10. Schwermetallbelastung bei der Schiessanlage Willisau im Boden und im angrenzenden Fliessgewässer 

    Mergenthaler, Bianca; Gasiorek, Michael; Rosin, Klemens (2001)
    Student Paper
  11. Surface modification of PLGA microspheres 

    Müller, Markus; Vörös, János; Csús, G.; et al. (2001)
    Student Paper
  12. Feasibility study of the modification of PLGA thin layers 

    Graf, Matthias Andreas (2001)
    Student Paper
  13. Microcontact printing of PLL-g-PEG and its derivatives 

    Jud, Pascal P. (2001)
    Student Paper
  14. Dynamische und interaktive Visualisierung wissenschaftlicher Daten im World Wide Web 

    Minnig, Philipp; Widmer, Mario (2001)
    Student Paper

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