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  1. Two-frequency cancelling in shaken Fermi-Hubbard models 

    Chen, Yuanning (2022)
    Student Paper
  2. Real-time Laser Beam Stabilization using FPGA 

    Mustafa, Enis (2022)
    Student Paper
  3. Topological path planning for Information Gathering in Alpine Environments 

    Walther, Jonas (2022)
    This thesis is about implementing a path planner for a drone that has to find and map released avalanches. The drone has a limited range and should return to the starting point at the end of its flight. By data from the SLF, there is knowledge about where avalanches could be, but whether there actually is one is only known when arriving there. Therefore a policy which depends on the observations is wanted. Several approaches are ...
    Student Paper
  4. Automated Imaging System for Quantum Gas Experiments 

    Appel, Lisa (2022)
    Student Paper
  5. A step into nickel thermal diffusion: from self-diffusion to stainless steel substrate 

    Misitano, Alessia (2022)
    Internal parts of the RPV are exposed to a high flux of energetic neutrons that can lead to irradiation damage, such as irradiation induced embrittlement, void swelling and irradiation creep. This study focuses on the thermal diffusion coefficients of nickel into nickel and into iron to understand better the mechanism of irradiation creep. The thin film method has been used to analyse the diffusion properties of nickel and iron. In order ...
    Student Paper
  6. Modeling Choice in Co-Design 

    Furter, Marius (2021)
    This report describes a method for modeling free and forced choice within Co-Design. In a free choice among a set, one has control over which option is selected, while in a forced choice one does not. Given a preorder P describing resources or functionalities, a free choice among a subset of P acts like a meet. Dually, a forced choice acts like a join. Moreover, the two types of choice distribute over one another. Based on this, we construct ...
    Student Paper
  7. Advancing Predictions for Video Streaming with Transformers 

    Röllin, Lukas (2022)
    The Transformer is a sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) neural network architecture that has proven itself useful for a wide variety of applications. We compare the Transformers performance to several baseline models on a video streaming task to predict transmission times. At the moment the models used for this task are not optimized for seq2seq predictions. To address this we use the Transformer which is tailored to efficiently find long-term ...
    Student Paper
  8. Mechanical Design of a Ballbot Platform 

    Skrabel, Christoph (2013)
    In this thesis a new ball structure for ballbot Rezero is investigated with a load capacity of up to 100 kg. Furthermore low weight and a good form stability is desirable to enable easy actuation of the ball. Also the ball should provide enough friction on the ground to avoid slipping and a damping property so that small bumps like carpet edges are absorbed. With help of functional analysis a new ball version is found which consists of a ...
    Student Paper
  9. BETON: Eine Befindlichkeitsanalyse 

    Schnetzler, Gerda Maria (2021)
    Student Paper
  10. Dissipation Induced Transport of a Quantum Gas in a Cavity 

    Zhang, Zhao (2021)
    Student Paper
  11. Data-Driven Dynamics Modelling Using Flight Logs 

    Galliker, Manuel Yves (2021)
    A good dynamics model has many useful applications such as in simulations and control. Obtaining such models using conventional methods such as wind tunnel testing for UAVs can be time intensive, challenging and time intensive. For this reasons this thesis presents a data-driven dynamics modelling pipeline for a unified flight log(uLog) format. The objective hereby is to provide a framework to obtain a dynamics model without the ...
    Student Paper

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