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  1. Free-running Yb:KYW dual-comb oscillator in a MOPA architecture 

    Camenzind, Sandro Luca; Sevim, Tolga; Willenberg, Benjamin; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  2. Targeted high throughput mutagenesis of the human spliceosome reveals its<i>in vivo</i>operating principles 

    Beusch, Irene; Rao, Beiduo; Studer, Michael; et al. (2022)
    Data Collection
  3. Performatives Haus, Auswertung 2019-2022 

    Mosayebi, Elli; Hemmerling, Julia (2022)
    Data Collection
  4. Additional Data to "Scientific Exploration of Challenging Planetary Analog Environments with a Team of Legged Robots" 

    Arm, Philip; Waibel, Gabriel; Preisig, Jan; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  5. Secondary data "Toward eliminating the decades-old "too zonal and too equatorward" storm-track bias in climate models" 

    Schemm, Sebastian (2023)
    Seconday data used in the related publication.
    Data Collection
  6. Testitem Libdrive 

    la Roi, Andreas (2023)
    Data Collection
  7. Combining Bioengineered Human Skin with Bioprinted Cartilage for Ear Reconstruction 

    Fisch, Philipp; Zielinska, Dominika; Moehrlen, Ueli; et al. (2023)
    Data Collection
  8. Constitutive Modelling with Stretch Distributions 

    Britt, Ben R. (2023)
    Data Collection
  9. Echo Modulations under Homonuclear Decoupling 

    Aebischer, Kathrin; Ernst, Matthias (2022)
    Data Collection
  10. Flood hazard map of the World 

    Riedel, Lukas (2022)
    Dataset containing flood hazard maps for the entire world for flood return periods of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 years. The dataset describes the inundation depth of a flood with the given return period on a latitude/longitude grid with a resolution of 30 arc seconds.
    Data Collection
  11. Bose polaron interactions in a cavity-coupled monolayer semiconductor 

    Tan, Li Bing; Schmidt, Richard; Popert, Alexander; et al. (2022)
    Data Collection
  12. Research Beyond the Lab, Spring Term 2022, Global Health Engineering, ETH Zurich 

    Ben Aleya, Ali; Biek, Daniel; Boynton, Lin; et al. (2022)
    This repository contains all raw and derived data produced as part of the ETH Zurich course "Research Beyond the Lab: Open Science and Research Methods for a Global Engineer" (151-8102-00L) offered in spring term 2022. Students were assigned teams of four to conduct a collaborative research project broadly addressing the theme of “Trash in the Public Spaces of Zurich” in collaboration with Entsorgung & Recycling Zürich (ERZ), the waste ...
    Data Collection

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