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  1. DiehlEtAl_CentralAlpine_TomographyRelocation_v07 

    Diehl, Tobias (2020)
    This repository contains arrival-time data and derived 1-D and 3-D P-wave and S-wave velocity models of the uppermost crust in the Central Alpine region. In addition, catalogs of relocated earthquakes and explosion sources in the Central Alpine region are included, which have been derived from probabilistic relocation combined with the new 3-D Vp and Vs models. The data and models are described and published in an associated publication ...
  2. Flood simulation data of a 100-year designed storm in 656 catchment areas of Switzerland 

    Guo, Zifeng (2020)
    This dataset contains 656 catchment areas as well as their corresponding flood simulations created by CADDIES model (Guidolin et al., 2016). Among all the catchment areas, 649 were collected from a 90km x 65km region near the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. These catchment areas are labeled as the "main dataset". The rest 7 catchment areas were from the city of Geneve and Lausanne, Switzerland. These catchment areas are labeled as the ...
  3. Adoption of pesticide-free wheat production in Switzerland (dataset) 

    Finger, Robert; Möhring, Niklas (2020)
    The here presented dataset provides information on i) actual and planned participation decisions of Swiss «Extenso» wheat producers in a program for pesticide-free wheat production of the producer organization IP-SUISSE and ii) a wide range of potential determinants for program adoption. The dataset consists of survey data, as well as external data from a range of relevant data sources, matched based on farm location. The online survey ...
  4. Replication Data for Paper "CJEU Judgments in the News" 

    Dederke, Julian (2020)
    This dataset contains the replication data for the paper "CJEU Judgments in the News".
  5. Common Crawl Financial News 

    Jazbec, Metod (2020)
  6. DataSets_NatureNanotechnol_15-118 

    Flöry, Nikolaus (2020)
  7. Planform Channel Deviations - Data Set 

    de Palézieux dit Falconnet, Larissa (2020)
  8. DataSets_ACS-Photonics2020-7(9) 

    Busschaert, Sebastian (2020)
  9. DataSets_NanoLett20-6155 

    Khelifa, Ronja (2020)
  10. Numerical weather simulations using COSMOiso from Dec 2016 – March 2017 along the ship track of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition 

    Thurnherr, Iris (2020)
    This dataset consists of nine simulations with the isotope-enabled regional numerical weather prediction model COSMOiso, which cover the ship track of the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) in time and space. The simulations have a spatial resolution of 0.125° (approximately 14 km) and are initialised and driven by 6-hourly global ECHAM5-wiso simulations. The 1-hourly outputs of the simulations contain a variety of environmental ...
  11. A numerical analysis of six physics-dynamics coupling schemes for atmospheric models 

    Ubbiali, Stefano; Schär, Christoph; Schlemmer, Linda; et al. (2020)
  12. Monitoring the Preonzo rock slope instability using resonance mode analysis: research data 

    Häusler, Mauro; Michel, Clotaire; Burjánek, Jan; et al. (2020)
  13. Dataset with 200 million 3-by-3 strategic games for comparing Perfectly Transparent Equilibria with Nash Equilibria 

    Fourny, Ghislain; Sulser Larraz, Felipe (2020)
    This dataset contains 200 million games in normal form played by two agents with each strategies, and in general position. The Nash Equilibria and Perfectly Transparent Equilibria are pre-computed.

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