Recent Submissions 

  1. Data set from the Grimsel ISC hydraulic tomography experiments carried out between injection boreholes 

    Klepikova, Maria; Jalali, Mohammadreza; Brixel, Bernard (2019)
  2. Sewer Terrain Inspection Knowledge (STINK) - Dataset 

    Kolvenbach, Hendrik; Valsecchi, Giorgio; Grandia, Ruben; et al. (2019)
  3. Sixty years of Lake Kariba: thermal and oxygen dynamics in the riverine and lacustrine sub-basins (dataset) 

    Calamita, Elisa; Schmid, Martin; Kunz, Manuel; et al. (2019)
  4. Modeling the Evolution of the Structural Anisotropy of Snow 

    Leinss, Silvan; Löwe, Henning; Proksch, Martin; et al. (2019)
  5. Datset on the dairy processing industry in France, Italy, Poland and Spain 

    Hirsch, Stefan; Mishra, Ashok; Möhring, Niklas; et al. (2019)
    Dataset on revenues, costs, assets and other firm characteristics of firms in the dairy processing industry in France, Italy, Poland and Spain. balanced panel data for the period 2006–2014 leading is provided for a sample of 2,186 dairy processors. The data is based on accounting data of dairy processors provided by AMADEUS, a trans-European database of financial information provided by Bureau van Dijk. The dataset is used in the following ...
  6. Dataset: Does information change German consumers’ attitudes about genetically modified food? 

    Wuepper, David (2018)
    We use a choice experiment to investigate attitude heterogeneity regarding genetically modified food and how it is affected by the provision of balanced information. For the analysis, we use a generalised multinomial and a latent class logit. The consumers who are more accepting of genetic modifications are younger, less educated and less concerned about their nutrition. The average effect of our provided information is negligible. However, ...
  7. Pore condensation and freezing is responsible for ice formation below water saturation for porous particles 

    David, Robert O.; Marcolli, Claudia; Fahrni, Jonas; et al. (2019)
  8. Phase Center Correction ANTEX-files for various antennas 

    Willi, Daniel (2019)
    This is an experimental dataset. Many thanks to swisstopo and to GFZ for lending antennas.
  9. LitPop: Global Exposure Data for Disaster Risk Assessment 

    Eberenz, Samuel; Stocker, Dario; Röösli, Thomas; et al. (2019)
    This data archive is accompanying the following publication (in prep.): "Global LitPop: An Exposure Data Model for Disaster Risk Assessment based on Nightlight and Population Data". Samuel Eberenz, Dario Stocker, Thomas Röösli, David N. Bresch (2019, publication in preparation). "Global LitPop: An Exposure Data Model for Disaster Risk Assessment based on Nightlight and Population Data"
  10. Dataset on a Meta‐Analysis on the Elasticity of Demand for Pesticides 

    Böcker, Thomas; Finger, Robert (2017)
    This dataset summarizes data collected in a meta‐analysis based on 31 studies that have estimated pesticide demand elasticities in Europe and North America. (Böcker, T., Finger, R. (2017). A Meta-Analysis on the Elasticity of Demand for Pesticides. Journal of Agricultural Economics 68(2): 518-533) From the selected studies, we obtained the following information, as available: (i) the year of publication, (ii) the period of analysis/data ...
  11. Dataset on a meta-analysis on the economics of Miscanthus cultivation 

    Witzel, Carl-Philipp; Finger, Robert (2016)
    The dataset presents an overview about a review of papers the economics of Miscanthus cultivation conducted in January 2015. The dataset relates to Witzel, C.P., Finger, R. (2016). Economic evaluation of Miscanthus production - A review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 53: 681–696 In total, 51 papers are considered and surveyed with respect to a wide range of items, concerning (i) the origin of the study and the year of its ...
  12. Dataset on risk preferences and risk literacy for a sample of German agricultural sciences students 

    Meraner, Manuela; Musshoff, Oliver; Finger, Robert (2018)
    The data presented here contains information on risk preferences, risk literacy and personal characteristics collected from 244 German agricultural sciences students in an online survey in 2015. Two different risk preference elicitation methods have been used. First, we used an iterative multiple price list (iMPL). Second, a simple self-assessment of risk preferences was used. Moreover, we used two different frames of the iMPL (general ...
  13. Monthly price data for milk processed into cheese in Switzerland (2000-2012) 

    Finger, Robert; Listorti, Giulia; Tonini, Axel (2017)
    Price data for milk processed into cheese in Switzerland (2000-2012). Milk price for Industry cheese, Emmentaler cheese and Gruyere cheese Data used in Finger, Listorti, Tonini: The Swiss payment for milk processed into cheese: ex-post and ex-ante analysis. Agricultural Economics Monthly milk prices, start month of price observations: January 2000 - August 2012. Source: Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, OFAG, secteur ...
  14. Dataset on German farmers risk preference, risk perception and risk management strategies 

    Meraner, Manuela; Finger, Robert (2017)
    The extent to which people are willing to take on risk, i.e. their risk preferences as well as subjective risk perception plays a major role in explaining their behavior. This is of particular relevance in agricultural production, which is inherently risky. The data presented here was collected amongst a total of 64 German farmers in 2015. It includes results of three different risk preference elicitation methods (multiple price list, ...
  15. Dataset on farm diversification decisions and farmers’ risk preferences in the Ruhr Metropolitan region (Germany) 

    Meraner, Manuela; Pölling, Bernd; Finger, Robert (2018)
    On-farm non-agricultural diversification is increasingly important for many farmers to stabilize their income and to fulfill societal demand for integrated farming. Especially in peri-urban areas, where the potential for farms’ expansion in terms of farm size is limited and public interest in regional products and other services provided at farms is high, the uptake of on-farm non-agricultural diversification is thus an attractive strategy ...
  16. Drosophila suzukii in Swiss plum production- Data from a survey on risk management strategies in 2016, 2017, 2018 

    Knapp, Ladina; Bravin, Esther; Finger, Robert (2018)
    The here presented dataset is based on a survey that was conducted with Swiss plum growers in 2016,2017 and 2018, with the specific aim to identify risk management strategies taken in response to Drosophila suzukii as well as to survey perceived infestation levels and harvest losses.

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