Recent Submissions 

  1. Research Data supporting "Background free-tropospheric ice nucleating particle concentrations at mixed-phase cloud conditions" 

    Lacher, Larissa (2018)
    Clouds containing ice are vital for precipitation formation and play a critical roleare important in determining the Earth’s radiative budget. However, primary formation of ice in clouds is not fully understood. In the presence of ice nucleating particles (INPs), the phase change from water or vapor to ice is promoted, but identification and quantification of INPs in a natural environment remains challenging because of their low numbers. ...
  2. Active seismic monitoring of a hydraulic injection at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Doetsch, Joseph; Gischig, Valentin Samuel; Villiger, Linus; et al. (2018)
  3. Data supporting The eMLR(C*) method to determine decadal changes in the global ocean storage of anthropogenic CO2 

    Gruber, Nicolas (2018)
    The determination of the decadal change in anthropogenic CO2 in the global ocean from repeat hydrographic surveys represents a formidable challenge, which we address here by introducing a seamless new method. This method builds on the extended multiple linear regression (eMLR) approach [Friis et al., 2005] to identify the anthropogenic CO2 signal, but in order to improve the robustness of this method, we fit C* [Gruber and Sarmiento, 2002] ...
  4. Comprehensive geological dataset for a fractured crystalline rock volume at the Grimsel Test Site 

    Krietsch, Hannes; Doetsch, Jospeh; Dutler, Nathan; et al. (2018)
  5. Drosophila suzukii in Swiss grape production- Data from a survey on risk management strategies in 2016 

    Knapp, Ladina; Bravin, Esther; Meraner, Manuela; et al. (2018)
    The here presented dataset is based on a survey that was conducted with Swiss grape growers with the specific aim to identify risk management strategies taken in response to Drosophila suzukii as well as to survey perceived infestation levels and harvest losses. The survey was conducted from end of January to end of February 2017 and questions were related to the grape harvest of 2016 with in total 372 responses. Farm and farmers’ ...
  6. Observational learning paper dataset 

    Hahnloser, Richard H. R.; Narula, Gagan (2017)
  7. Bioclogging in porous media - Particle Trajectory Data 

    Holzner, Markus (2018)
  8. Active-DTS experiment in Widen 

    Klepikova, Maria V.; Roques, C. (2017)
  9. Training Set for the Prediction of Partial Charges 

    Riniker, Sereina; Bleiziffer, Patrick (2018)
    Parametrization of small organic molecules for classical molecular dynamics simulations is not trivial. The vastness of the chemical space makes approaches using building blocks challenging. The most common approach is therefore an invidual parametriza- tion of each compound by deriving partial charges from semi-empirical or ab initio calculations and inheriting the bonded and van der Waals (Lennard-Jones) parameters from a biomolecular ...

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