Recent Submissions 

  1. geoGAM: Select Sparse Geoadditive Models for Spatial Prediction 

    Nussbaum, Madlene; Papritz, Andreas (2017)
  2. Esum: Data Visualisation Tool 

    Buš, Peter; Ojha, Varun Kumar (2017)
    The program provides basic data visualization taken from external sources, like CSV files with captured number values. Each value is translated into the visual representation using Processing shapes. The program uses external libraries for the visualization, i.e. Plethora Library, Unfolding Map Library and ControlP5 for GUI. In this visualization, 21 participants are walking through a street in Zurich, and their representational stress ...
  3. DeCodingSpaces Toolbox for Grasshopper 

    Abdulmawla, Abdulmalik; Bielik, Martin; Buš, Peter; et al. (2017)
    DeCodingSpaces Toolbox for Grasshopper is a collection of analytical and generative components for algorithmic architectural and urban planning. The toolbox is free software released by the Computational Planning Group (CPlan) and is a result of long term collaboration between academic institutions and praxis partners across the globe with the common goal to increase the efficiency and quality of architecture and urban planning.